Is Robert De Niro Heading to Egypt?

Published November 21st, 2017 - 06:30 GMT
Actor Robert De Niro might be heading to Egypt. (lev radin /
Actor Robert De Niro might be heading to Egypt. (lev radin /

Egyptian actor Khaled El Nabawy just posted an Instagram video with Robert De Niro, and oh my, we cannot stop fangirling.

El Nabawy wanted to greet his Egyptian fans on social media, and he decided to do so with none other than the legendary American actor. “Hi to everybody in Egypt,” the post said.

Naturally, we’ve put our Detective Conan glasses on to find out why the video was ever created. We here at Scoop Empire — some of us at least — believe that the “Taxi” star might be coming to Egypt quite soon. Ever since the Gouna Film Festival and the World Youth Forum happened, tons of international celebrities from all around the world came to Egypt, so it wouldn’t be that impossible to have De Niro here.

Oh, and with Cairo International Film Festival’s opening ceremony happening tonight, we’re quite excited to see whether any other famous faces — other than “Bedazzled” actress Elizabeth Hurley — are going to attend.

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