Syria three years on: The statistics behind the conflict

Published March 13th, 2014 - 03:12 GMT

The Ides of March now marks a new era of uprising and tragedy: the ongoing Syrian Civil War. In March 2011, pro-democracy protests in Syria’s southern city of Deraa launched the country a civil war - a major turning point not only in Syria’s history, but that of the region and the world as well.

The conflict - that has been drawn on sectarian lines and has regional powers dabbling in it - has never been anything less than complex. However, with international media outlets and world leaders touting headlines and trading banter on the future of Syria almost daily, understanding of the war itself has been reduced to daily doses of political pawning and gawking at the human atrocities unfolding within Syria’s borders. In other words, the international community’s interest and attention to the issue has been more like a fair-weather friend, and at other times, completely numb to the growing number of clashes and rising death toll.

In light of the three-year anniversary since the start of the Syrian conflict, we hope that you will take a pause with us now and look at this slideshow that attempts to capture the complexity, longevity and lasting mark that has been left on not only the Syrian people, but the region and world more broadly as the Syrian conflict enters into its fourth year.

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