SonicWALL expands next-generation firewall lineup with NSA E8510

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Published May 30th, 2011 - 07:23 GMT

SonicWALL, the leading provider of intelligent network security and data protection solutions, today launched the SonicWALL NSA E8510, the latest addition to its range of next-generation firewalls. The Network Security Appliance (NSA) E8510 provides 10Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connectivity in a compact, 1U rack mountable form-factor to accommodate security, performance and power efficiency requirements of modern high-capacity networks. The appliance is powered by SonicWALL’s SonicOS 5.8firmware, which offers latency-free intrusion prevention and anti-malware protection. SonicOS 5.8 features application intelligence and control functionality for granular control over application traffic and bandwidthin real-time. With the ability to block or throttle application usage on a user or group level, and its compact form factor and affordable price, the E8510 is an ideal solution for corporate, healthcare and education deployments. 

As organizations expand their existing networking infrastructure, firewalls are often overlooked and can become a critical bottleneck. When network infrastructures are upgraded to 10GbE to accommodate for growth in bandwidth requirements beyond 1Gigabit per second (Gbps), these upgrades can be neutralized by firewalls that are unable to handle high bandwidth requirements or connectivity. This is especially true as an increasing number of security-conscious organizations replace their traditional firewalls with a new breed of deep packet inspection (DPI) firewalls that provide protection against the evolving threat ecosystem and the network attack vectors prevalent today. 

The SonicWALL NSA E8510 addresses these performance concerns with dual 10GbE SFP+ ports and high performance full DPI which does not introduce latency to the network. Combined with the SonicWALL Application Intelligence and Control features, this 10GbE next-generation firewall provides high-speed network performance and ensures security with integrated intrusion prevention (IPS), anti-malware and SSL traffic protection. 

“The NSA E8510 Next-Generation Firewall is designed for enterprises that need multi-gigabit network performance, application control and comprehensive security features,” said Dmitriy Ayrapetov, product line manager, SonicWALL. “It builds on what is already the broadest range of next-generation firewalls on the market and offers a robust solution to customers with 10GbE infrastructure requirements.” 

“We congratulate SonicWALL on their innovative 1U 10 Gigabit Ethernet Security Appliance which effectively leverages the leading performance, low-latency and low-power of Cavium’s OCTEON Multi-core processor,” said YJ Kim, general manager, infrastructure processor group, Cavium Networks. “This new SonicWALL appliance will enable customers to garner great benefits in terms of rack space, compelling performance and features”. 

The new appliance capitalizes on SonicWALL’s industry-leading application intelligence and control solution, putting the power back in the hands of IT administrators with new levels of management and ease-of-use. Based on a continuously expanding database containing more than3,500 application signatures, administrators can easily create bandwidth management or control policies across the network. These can be based on individual applications, collections of applications or entire pre-defined categories (such as social media or gaming) for users or groups of users to optimize network and employee efficiency. 

When combining the power and flexibility of the NSA E8510 appliance with the efficiency gainsprovided by the recently announced SonicWALL WAN Acceleration Appliance (WXA) Series and application intelligence and control features, organizations realize significant gains in efficiency, optimization and performance of critical applications both on local and distributed networks.

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Guided by its vision of Dynamic Security for the Global Network, SonicWALL develops advanced intelligent network security and data protection solutions that adapt as organizations evolve and as threats evolve.

Trusted by small and large enterprises worldwide, SonicWALL solutions are designed to detect and control applications and protect networks from intrusions and malware attacks through award-winning hardware, software and virtual appliance-based solutions. 

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