Al-Rehmaihi on a mission to make Losail Circuit a popular destination

Published October 30th, 2016 - 05:06 GMT
The Losail International Circuit (Photo:
The Losail International Circuit (Photo:

Every time one comes to the Losail International Circuit, one is left amazed by the beauty of the circuit. The facilities are incredible and the track in itself is well liked by the professionals who race on it.

The only thing that seems to be a bit of an issue is the number of people coming for the events aren’t as many as it should be.

Losail Circuit Sports Club (LCSC) was formed with the intention of ensuring that the stands see increased attendance and also that the facility be used by everyone and not just the motorsport professionals. And this approach has reaped rich dividends.

Extra effort is being undertaken to ensure that there are more activities for people to partake in, when they come for the race weekends.

“The main reason for all these changes you see at the Losail Circuit is to make this facility more welcoming for people. You can see that with this new setup, we want to do more for people to enjoy,” said Khalid al-Rehmaihi, Losail Circuit Sports Club vice chairman and general secretary.

There has been a constant focus to ensure that the Losail Circuit is utilised for as many days of the year as possible. From track days to walking, the circuit is more accessible to the common man now.

“Since January 1st this year till the end of June, when the season ended, we’ve done a lot and that’s not because we are superhumans. All we did is opened the track for everyone to come and enjoy. And because of that we have had 28 track days for cars, 26 for motorcycles and around 32 sports days where people could come with their bicycles, bring their kids, walk run and enjoy the facility,” said al-Remaihi.

The identity of the circuit has to be more than the high-profile events that are conducted here, insists al-Remaihi.

“It’s well and good to host world championships but at the same time you cannot close these facilities for that single event. You have to let people come and enjoy and have fun, relate to it. It’s part of our social responsibility. That’s the main reason to have such a facility and such an investment in any country,” he said.

With a lot of activities like karting, Mini Moto, the visitors now have more things to do at the Circuit, rather than just watch the race. And these activities have found approval from the masses.

“The response to our community activities like karting have been unbelievable. Not because we are doing something extraordinary. But because the demand was already there. You only had to cater to that demand. Now our job is to cater more to that demand and take it further. Provide more for people and make it a family destination and not just for motorsport,” said al-Remaihi.

“At the end of the day if you want to come and join motorsport, you want to come with your family. You want to come with your kids. That’s how it should be – a fantastic day out. This is a weekend activity. So we should enjoy it with the whole family,” he added.

With lots more activities planned, which al-Remaihi said would be revealed in due course of time, it looks like the Losail Interational Circuit will be a popular destination – not just with the motorsport fan.

By Joe Koraith

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