Ansari: Qatari football gaining more attention

Ansari: Qatari football gaining more attention
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Published September 8th, 2015 - 20:23 GMT via

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Raajiv Tripathi

Qatar Football Association Secretary-General Mansour al Ansari said that the level of the Qatar Stars League would continue to rise.

He expressed this view just before the grand launch of the Qatar Stars League season on Monday.

The QFA official said,"The QSL and QFA have always been striving to develop football in Qatar and take the sport as high as possible every season. The higher the competition is, in the League or other championships, the better will be the exposure for Qatari players and they will be more prepared to represent the country in the best possible way."

He also added that the presence of many high-profile players would certainly lend more intensity to the QSL matches and this in turn would help the local players in honing their skills.

"I do see that we have had some great signings of players ahead of the new season. All the teams have prepared well. I hope the competition will be intense, the matches will be competitive, the fans would be more excited than before and this will develop our players as much as possible," he added.

Ansari said the Qatari football is on the right path of progress but the QFA must keep making efforts to raise the bar."Of course, we're moving in the right direction but there is always a room for improvement. We're ready to learn from our past mistakes. We're striving to be as best as possible. We will keep learning and continue to develop football till we reach the highest possible level."

He also said the QFA wants all the teams to be strong and highly competitive."I'm excited to feel that the competition level is going to be very high this season. It makes things a bit more interesting from a fan's point of view. We aim to have all the participating teams to be tough and competitive, not just six or seven teams.

"Certainly, the Qatari football is gaining a lot of attention. Every year, it's getting better. We host many events and do CSR initiatives to create awareness about football in Qatar. We try to reach out to maximum possible fans.

"We're doing a lot of activities both on and off the pitch. Soon, we'll have the West Asia football championship. Then, we've the Asian under-23 qualifiers for the Brazil Olympics next year. All this is being done to develop the sport and entertain our valuable supporters with quality game. This is what we aim to achieve this season," said Ansari.
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