Arab Rugby Federation officially formed

Arab Rugby Federation officially formed
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Published October 5th, 2015 - 10:51 GMT via

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UAE rugby team (source: emirates247)
UAE rugby team (source: emirates247)

The Arab Rugby Federation, ARF, has officially been formed following an extraordinary general meeting held in Dubai on October 1st.

The ARF has been formed to represent the Arab nations solely in the sport of Rugby, under the auspices of the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees, UANOC, with the intent to participate in regional games, following the pathway to World Rugby, and IOC sanctioned and recognised events.

Speaking at the extraordinary general meeting, newly appointed ARF Chairman, Qais Al Dhalai of the UAE, said, "The formation of this federation is very important to the development of rugby in the Arab world as the sole focus is on rugby itself. We aim to support and stimulate World Rugby and Asia Rugby’s strategic objective of growing the game, and open doors for rugby’s inclusion at the upcoming West Asia Games and the Arab Games, which are both owned by the UANOC." ARF’s committee was also finalised, with Morocco appointed first Vice-Chairman and Tunisia second Vice-Chairman, both countries holding World Rugby membership, and UAERF Board Member Mohamed Shaker was appointed as Secretary-General. "I'm very confident the Arab Rugby Federation will offer various development opportunities to grow the sport among the Arab nations, which at the end of the day will benefit all parties." Shaker said.

The new federation’s formation was witnessed at the EGM in the presence of nine Arab rugby bodies, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco.

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