Bahraini Cyclists Involved in Horror Crash

Published April 8th, 2019 - 10:11 GMT
Photo: Alarabiya
Photo: Alarabiya

Five professional cyclists were run over in a horrific accident that left three of them severely injured.

The Bahraini cyclists were training near Awali at around 8.15am yesterday when a car, allegedly driven by a woman who was texting at the time, ran them over.

The collision was so severe that one of the cyclists broke his hip as he was trapped under the car while still on his cycle.

Another one of the men suffered a dislocated thigh and a third sustained a broken jaw, while the others had severe cuts and bruises.

All five men, aged in their 20s, belonged to the Bahrain National Cycling Team and were taken to the BDF Hospital for treatment, according to sources.

A member of the team, who arrived at the scene within minutes, told the GDN he saw one of the cyclists screaming in agony as he was trapped underneath the vehicle.

“The national team was on a training ride after returning from a race in the UAE,” said the 21-year-old Bahraini on condition of anonymity.

“The coach was in the rear of the peloton (a group of riders) as a form of safety for riders and for drivers as he had the danger sign on.

“The cyclists were riding in the emergency lane when the driver swerved from the middle lane and crashed into them.

“The girl was texting on her phone and she swerved and just hit them.

“Everyone was in complete shock and one of the guys was trapped under the car – he was on his bike but under the car and couldn’t get out.”

Traffic police arrived at the scene and an official report has been filed, however, it was unclear whether the driver was arrested yesterday.

This was the second incident involving professional cyclists after Mariama Analoud, a Moroccan national, was knocked off her cycle on the Bahrain Bay Highway on January 25 by an unidentified SUV which fled the scene.

The GDN reported at the time that the accident happened during a weekly ride organised by the Cycling Bees, a women-only cycling group.

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