Bobby Charlton says England have no chance of winning 2014 WC

Published September 5th, 2012 - 10:49 GMT

Legendary English footballer Sir Bobby Charlton has said that Three Lions boss Roy Hodgson doesn't have enough talent at his disposal to win any major silverware in future, and also ruled them out of contention for the football 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The former Manchester United star said emulating the success he achieved under Sir Alf Ramsey 46 years ago was 'a way off' and claimed the influx of foreign players in the Premier League is hampering England's chances of ever lifting silverware again.

"They haven't got a lot of top-quality players to choose from, so you must feel it is going to be difficult to win things. You cannot see it happening in Brazil at the next World Cup, for instance," the Daily Express quoted Charlton, as saying.

"Perhaps if the right group of players come together, stay for a while and gel into a team, with the right manager, then it might happen, but I have to say it's a way off ," he added.

"Since the European Union and the influx of so many foreign players, there is a definite shortage of English talent from which the manager can select. I feel sorry for whoever is England manager," he said. (ANI)




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