CAF Seeks to Make African Football Globally Competitive

Published June 22nd, 2021 - 12:27 GMT
CAF President Patrice Motsepe (Photo: AFP)
CAF President Patrice Motsepe (Photo: AFP)

The President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Patrice Motsepe, underlined that the new CAF leadership is seeking to make African football globally competitive and self-sustaining.

It became apparent to the new leadership of CAF after conducting several meetings with current and potential sponsors, the private sector, some African Heads of State and Government ministers and stakeholders in football; that they have had a poor and negative perception of the confederation concerning its adherence to governance, auditing, ethical, financial and management good practices, Motsepe said in a statement.

These negative perceptions may, to some extent, be confirmed by the incriminating and damning Price Waterhouse Coopers (“PWC”) CAF Interim Report which identified certain irregular, unethical and improper transactions and conduct. This Report was circulated to the CAF Member Associations in May 2021.

CAF committed to implementing recommendations of the Final PWC CAF Report

The confederation is committed to implementing the recommendations of the Final PWC CAF Report and ensuring that the irregular, unethical and improper transactions and behavior do not happen again, the source added.

This should result in the confederation being regarded and viewed as a respected Confederation that implements and adheres to governance, auditing, ethics, financial and management global best practices; making it attractive to current and potential new sponsors and partners.

It is also important that the quality of the competitions that the confederation hosts are globally competitive and appealing to spectators, viewers and interested parties in Africa and globally, Motsepe pointed out, adding that steps are being taken in this regard to improve the efficiency and professionalism of CAF’s Competitions and its staff.

It is also about investing in African football infrastructure and ensuring that in every CAF Member Association there is a FIFA approved stadium, building and strengthening relationships with current and potential sponsors and partners and retaining and employing appropriately qualified and skilled personnel.

Motsepe also said that the African football-body is in preliminary discussions to start an inclusive and broadly supported and beneficial CAF African Super League.

"We have been following the attempts by some top European clubs to form a Euro Super League and will learn from their experience and pitfalls," he added.

"The unity and commitment of CAF’s Member Associations and stakeholders, as well as the interventions and changes that are being introduced by the new leadership is creating optimism and confidence that African football will, over the medium to long term, succeed and become globally competitive and self-supporting," he said.

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