Capello: I want to manage in Premier League

Published February 23rd, 2013 - 07:55 GMT
Capello: I want to manage in ‘absolutely fascinating’ Premier League
Capello: I want to manage in ‘absolutely fascinating’ Premier League

Russia manager Fabio Capello has admitted he misses the English game and would welcome the chance to manage in the Premier League.

The Italian also revealed how is struggling to cope with the Russian game, whilst saying he misses the atmosphere at English stadiums and even the British press.

He told reporters: "The Premier League is absolutely fascinating. I am available and would be flattered to be linked with jobs in this league.

"Both my wife and I enjoyed our time in the UK and what I miss about football in England is that the stadiums are packed, whereas those in the Russian league are often half-empty.

"I am used to the media attention from Italy and Spain, and I am confident that I can handle the press in England. It is just part of the job. In Russia, it is great because nobody can read the newspapers!"

Despite leading Russia to four straight wins in qualification for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Capello said he has grown frustrated with the small talent pool in the country, and the difficulties he has in communicating with his players.

"Before a match, I show the players videos and show them bullet points to get my point across but the translator even has to write these because the Russian language has a different alphabet," the 66-year-old said.

"Sometimes, the translator relates the concepts but not with the feeling that I want to convey.

"I used to complain that there are only playing 38 per cent of Premier League players that are English but the situation is even worse in Russia on this issue. To attract players to Russia, a lot of money is needed.

"Moreover, many of the best teams with these huge private benefactors are located at the borders of Russia so it is a lot of travelling for me."

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