Doha 2030 Promises Gateway to Greatest Ever Asian Sports Experience

Published November 8th, 2020 - 12:56 GMT
Photo: Qatar Tribune
Photo: Qatar Tribune

The Doha 2030 Asian Games will be the greatest ever sports experience for Asia’s athletes and spectators alike due to Doha’s existing state-of-the-art competition venues and world-class supporting transport and accommodation infrastructure.

Doha 2030 will draw from its extensive experience in hosting major international multi-sport events, and make full use of its iconic venues and training facilities, to ensure that sport is front and centre of the Games experience. All of Doha’s competition and non-competition venues are centrally located within a compact Games footprint to minimize travel time and maximize convenience.

Doha 2030 guarantees multiple clusters of competition venues to streamline operations and enhance the sports experience for athletes, the OCA Family and spectators. In addition, all of Doha’s famous existing venues together ensure a Gateway to Certainty, standing ready to welcome Asia’s, and some of the world’s, finest athletes.

Doha 2030 and QOC President HE Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani said: “Doha truly is a city that is Games-ready, right now; as are our modern, world-class venues and sophisticated transport system. Already, they represent Asia’s legacy from 2006. But with Doha 2030 we want to build on this and provide a gateway to certainty and an enduring legacy for Asia.

“We will work with the OCA and Asia’s NOCs to ensure that the next ten years focus on Asian sport and its development. And we can do this because we are ready now, ready to inspire hope through sport and be ‘Your Gateway to a Brighter Future for Asian Sport’.”

Complementing Doha’s existing venues is a hyper-efficient and effective transportation network that will service the venues and Athletes Village. An integrated system of roads, light rail, buses and Metro that has already facilitated the journeys of large crowds from the Doha 2006 Asian Games through to multiple World Cups and World Championships. And through this existing network, the average travel time from the Athletes Village to all venues is just 20 minutes, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective solution for all.

Doha’s transportation network also connects to its plethora of top-quality hotels which are famed for Qatar’s world-renowned hospitality. And like the venues and transportation system, all of these hotels already adorn Doha’s streets within a convenient compact footprint, ensuring a wonderful accommodation experience for all. Doha is ready to be ‘Your Gateway to a Safe, Convenient and Memorable Stay at the 2030 Asian Games’.

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