Dubai Teen Breaks World Record with 101 One-Leg Hops

Published July 8th, 2020 - 12:23 GMT
Soham Mukherjee (Photo: Supplied)
Soham Mukherjee (Photo: Supplied)

Doing 101 one-leg hops over a ruler have brought Soham Mukherjee, a 17-year-old Dubai resident, a Guinness World Records title. The Indian national managed to break the previous title of 96 for 'most side-to-side hops' in 30 seconds.

In a video taken in his bedroom, Mukherjee completed 110 hops, but nine were considered invalid according to the global authority on record-breaking. "The record was measured by a close-up slow-motion video, so that the line object and my feet are clearly seen," he said.

Soham has always been a sports lover. He plays football, badminton, table tennis, and basketball. But what helped him break this specific record title was his long history of 13 years in taekwondo, which requires a lot of leg work, he said.

"I came from a background of several sports, so I always felt more competitive than my peers. Since I moved to Dubai a year ago, I started to feel more productive. During lockdown, I wanted to test my determination, so I started to search for something to do to stay active and do a remarkable achievement, and then decided to go for an official attempt with Guinness World Records."

The Grade 11 student of GEMS Wellington International School added: "I would have never attempted a record if I didn't move to Dubai."

Mukherjee, who will turn 17 on July 19, said he is attempting another record in aerobics, and he is confident he would break the previous title.

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