Egyptian Paralympics champion Fatma Omar wins gold in World Weightlifting Championship

Published January 10th, 2016 - 03:47 GMT

Who runs the world? Egyptian Paralympics champion Fatma Omar. The 43-year-old athlete just broke another record with her latest victory in the World Weightlifting Championship after nailing the gold medal in the 61kg division in Dubai.

After years of banning Omar from weightlifting by Egyptian Paralympic committee as traces of fertility drugs appeared in her system, the champion returned to Dubai this year for yet another record at 135.5. In addition to medals won in Sydney, Athens and Beijing Paralympics, Omar celebrated a world record lift in 2012 in women’s 56kg powerlifting competition in London by lifting 143 kg.

It is no surprise that our athlete is taking the powerlifting world by storm as weightlifting runs in the family, Fatma Omar is married to Egyptian weightlifter Abd El-Naby Mohamed and has two young daughters. It always gives us tremendous pride when Egyptians excel in any field especially when they have to overcome personal and medical struggles. These are the women who should lead by example.

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