Egyptian Premier League postponed indefinitely

Egyptian Premier League postponed indefinitely
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Published June 27th, 2013 - 14:00 GMT via

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Egyptian Premier League postponed indefinitely
Egyptian Premier League postponed indefinitely
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Egyptian Football Association (EFA) officials notified Premier League Clubs unofficially on Monday that the final round of the Egyptian Premier League was postponed until further notice.

The eighteenth week was due to start on Tuesday, but a notice from the Ministry of Interior announcing that it would be unable to secure local or regional matches during the upcoming period of anticipated protests had prompted the association’s decision, according to ONA news agency.

The Competitions Committee of the EFA, headed by Mazen Marzouk, fined Al-Ahly, Zamalek, Al-Ismaili and Al-Ittihad Al-Sakandary clubs EGP 100,000 each after their fans attended matches despite a crowd ban.

However, the committee adopted the results of the matches between Zamalek and Ismaili, Al-Ittihad Al-Sakandary and Moqaweloon Al-Arab, and Al-Ahly and Gouna.

Al-Ahly had beaten Gouna 4-1 on Saturday, with Gouna’s Arafa Al-Sayed scoring the first goal of the match and the only one in Al-Ahly’s net.

Al-Ahly got back on track with a penalty kick scored by veteran player Mohamed Barakat in minute 18, followed by continuous attacks on Gouna where Ahmed Abdel Zaher, Ahmed Nabil and Shehab Ahmed scored three goals. The result placed Al-Ahly on top of the first group, with 36 points and a guaranteed spot at the golden square round.

Zamalek and Ismaili ended their match on Sunday with a 2-1 victory for Zamalek, the top of the second group, with 39 points, followed by Ismaili with 30 points.

Al-Ittihad and Moqaweloon meanwhile finished off on a 2-2 draw; Moqaweloon came in at number five in the second group with 19 points, and Al-Ittihad at number eight with 14 points.

The postponed eighteenth week features Al-Ahly playing with Misr Al-Maqasa and Zamalek with Tala’ea Al-Gesh.

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