Emirati football player escapes death on UAE road

Published September 21st, 2017 - 07:26 GMT
Marwan Mohammed (Photo: emaratalyoum.com)
Marwan Mohammed (Photo: emaratalyoum.com)

Emirati football player Marwan Mohammed, who has recently joined the Youth Team, escaped death after the car he was driving got involved in a traffic accident.

Mohammed was driving back home from the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah to the emirate of Dubai after the end of his training when a speeding car ahead pulled over all of a sudden to avoid a radar fine.

"I was driving my Lexus car at 100kmph when the car ahead pulled over suddenly without any clear reason or flashing any hazard lights that I had to turn right abruptly to avoid collision," he said.

The football player lost control over his steering wheel, and collided with the right side concrete barrier. "The car spun around and rammed into the concrete barrier of the road in the other direction, and landed in the middle of the road."

Mohammed was so lucky that there was no car coming in the other direction. "Otherwise, it would have been a disaster, and another terrible accident would have taken place."

The Emirati football player luckily escaped the mishap with no injuries, and joined his team training on Thursday to get ready for an important match against Al Wasl football team as part of the Arabian Gulf tournament.

The central operations room of the RAK Police, having been alerted of the accident, dispatched traffic police, ambulances, paramedics and rescue teams to the site in a record time.

Police sources told Khaleej Times on Thursday that the football player sustained no injuries in the road accident, but the right side of his Lexus car was totally damaged.

"Investigations are on, and the accident file has been referred to the bodies concerned for due procedures."

By Ahmed Shaaban

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