The FA is targeting me, says Ferguson

The FA is targeting me, says Ferguson
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Published January 27th, 2013 - 11:53 GMT via

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Ferguson: The FA is targeting me
Ferguson: The FA is targeting me
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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has played down claims that he will not be charged by the Football Association for his outburst directed at match official Simon Beck, remarking: "I wouldn't bet on it."

With the Red Devils leading 1-0 in their Premier League game against Tottenham on January 20, Wayne Rooney went down in the penalty area after appearing to be fouled by Spurs defender Steven Caulker but no spot kick was given, prompting the Scot to criticise the official's performance in his post-match observations.

The FA subsequently invited the United manager to explain his comments, which he did, and the governing body must now decide by Tuesday evening whether or not to charge the 71-year-old.

However, Sir Alex himself believes that a potential charge is personal, telling reporters: "I just think it is more about me than what I've said. Whether I think it is unfair or not doesn't matter to them really at this point.

"That is what I have put in my letter exactly but you know the FA.

"You never know. It is one of these things. We are high-profile."

The United boss suggested that the media had a huge part to play in the charges, with fellow Premier League managers Roberto Mancini and Harry Redknapp only being given warnings earlier in the season for similar offences.

"I think that is what you will find," he observed. "That is why they have sent me a letter."

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