IPL 2020: Creating Safe Environment for Media in Stadiums Will Benefit Fans

Published September 26th, 2020 - 08:54 GMT
Photo: IPL
Photo: IPL

Far be it for anyone to suggest any action that would jeopardize the bio-bubble concept which is keeping the cricketer's safe. But now that the first week has gone off smoothly and all three stadiums have shown they can handle the unusual and the extraordinary, perhaps there can be some rethinking on access.

While calling in the public is out of the question, perhaps allowing media to enter in limited numbers in an enclave or section of the stadium super distant from the players and the franchisees can be considered.

If you notice, I am being hugely diffident and polite because the idea is not to rattle the cage, but to create an awareness that on the spot media coverage can be an asset to the sport. You get more incisive coverage, better writing than you do from watching it on TV.

After all, there is a bubble for TV crew and the commentators.

There is also a bubble for the franchise owners and VIPs and others who are not in the innermost circle.

So, a fourth bubble isolated from anyone for local print and maybe radio and online makes sense. In this same cordoned area could be permitted some photographers even if they are stationed at several meters from each other. The current shots suck big time and using archives for sport is frightful.

One can understand the reluctance before the tournament started to take any such steps, but come on print still has power and you cannot dispatch us dinky toy pictures for 53 days.

It is unfair on the readers who are also fans of the game. None of these actions would add to the risk and nor would we want them to.but cricket like any sport has been given legs over the years by print media and surely there can be some extended courtesy to it.

This is not asking for much and in the end there is better visual coverage and more in depth writing so why would the IPL be against this idea.

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