Iran, Iraq Stress Broadening of Sport Cooperation

Iran, Iraq Stress Broadening of Sport Cooperation
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Published December 29th, 2017 - 18:08 GMT via

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Iranian Sport Minister Massoud Soltanifar and his Iraqi counterpart Abdul-Hussein Abtaan in a meeting in Tehran called for deepening of bilateral ties, specially in the field of sports.

"Currently there are good grounds for expanding cultural and sportive cooperation between the two countries of Iran and Iraq,” Soltanifar said during the meeting on Thursday.

The Iraqi minister, for his part, expressed the hope that developing cooperation between the two countries on areas of sport and the youths open the way to more development in bilateral cooperation between Iran and Iraq.

The two ministers pointed to the huge commonalities between the two countries in areas of religion, culture, and society, and vowed to develop bilateral relations between Tehran and Baghdad in sport areas.

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