Iran proposes Muslim women's basketball kit to FIBA

Iran proposes Muslim women's basketball kit to FIBA
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Published December 31st, 2016 - 20:11 GMT via

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Female Iranian basketball players (Photo: Press TV)
Female Iranian basketball players (Photo: Press TV)

The Islamic Republic of Iran Basketball Federation (IRIBF) has a proposed an apparel to the sport's international governing body which would allow Muslim athletes to attend official games while observing the Islamic dress code.

The IRIBF submitted the proposed outfit, which covers the hair and limbs of athletes, to the Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball (FIBA) on Friday after FIBA authorities set a deadline of December 31 for Iranian basketball officials to present the kit that would suit their personal and religious preferences.

“We set out to take proper measures to finalize the kit for veiled sportswomen to participate in various tournaments soon after receiving a letter from FIBA. The apparel for female Muslim basketball players was prepared and proposed to FIBA, having taken FIBA rules and cultural values for Muslim women into consideration,” IRIBF President Mahmoud Mashhoun said on Saturday.

He added that Iran’s proposed Muslim women's basketball dress will be debated during FIBA’s meeting in late April.

Mashhoun further noted that IRIBF officials will continue negotiations with FIBA authorities to ensure their efforts will come into fruition.

“To this end, IRIBF officials even wrote a letter to FIBA authorities and elaborated on the aim and essence of the talks in it,” he stated.

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