Kuwait seek to assure FIFA about national sports laws

Kuwait seek to assure FIFA about national sports laws
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Published October 10th, 2015 - 19:36 GMT via SyndiGate.info

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Kuwaiti delegation will seek to assure FIFA about national sports laws
Kuwaiti delegation will seek to assure FIFA about national sports laws

Chairman of the parliamentary youth affairs committee MP Abdullah Al-Maiouf said on Saturday the Kuwaiti delegation, on a mission to Switzerland, will seek to persuade FIFA that the local sports laws do not contravene with the Olympic Charter.

MP Al-Maiouf, in a statement to KUNA upon his departure to Switzerland to attend a meeting by a joint delegation of the Kuwaiti National Assembly (Parliament) and the Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS) with FIFA officials, said the delegation will affirm that there has been no "political meddling in the Kuwaiti sports affairs.

"We will prove with evidences that laws issued by the Parliament as representative of the people do not contravene with international principles and covenants." MP Al-Maiouf said that in case FIFA insisted on maintaining its stance, the Kuwaiti delegation would request clarification of its rules and regulations that are referred to for suspending the sports in Kuwait, and will ask FIFA about the Kuwaiti laws it considers as not in harmony with the Olympic Charter.

He added that the delegation will ask for a detailed, written and official report as to the domestic laws that FIFA believes they should be modified "for sake of pin pointing the flaws, if they exist, and casting away, for good, the prospect of suspending the sports in Kuwait."

Such legal amendments would warrant sufficient period of time for discussing and examining them, as well as referring them to the National Assembly for endorsement, MP Al-Maiouf explained, expressing optimism that the meeting with FIFA would end with a decision to "spare the Kuwaiti sports the risk of suspension."

Nine Kuwaiti clubs, out of the country's 15 ones, at a meeting earlier this week, affirmed respect and support for the local sovereign laws, adopted by the State legislative authorities, which essentially stipulate the State non-intervention in affairs of the sports clubs, and respect for the Olympic Charter and covenants of the international federations.

The clubs had affirmed respect and support for the State of Kuwait's sovereignty, under leadership of His Highness the Amir, His Highness the Crown Prince and His Highness the Premier.

The clubs urged the Kuwaiti officials and legislators, tasked with tackling the issue with FIFA in Switzerland, to cooperate to find the best solution to the current crisis "for sake of serving interest of the youth of beloved Kuwait, and in respect for the State sovereignty, laws and regulations implemented by the Kuwait Government." The clubs' meeting was attended by Al-Salmiya, Kuwait, Al-Arabi, Kazma, Al-Sulaibikhat, Al-Jahraa, Burgan, Fahaheel and Yarmouk.

FIFA, on September 24th, warned the Kuwaiti Football Association that it would slap a ban on the country's participation in international soccer events as of October 15, unless Kuwait amended the local sports laws and rendered them compatible with international regulations.

The Kuwaiti sports sector had been penalized with an identical measure in 2007 and 2009 -- lifted in 2012.

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