Murray uses psychiatrist to find joy of playing

Murray uses psychiatrist to find joy of playing
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Published June 29th, 2015 - 18:27 GMT via

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Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Andy Murray has employed a psychiatrist as part of his efforts to rediscover how to "genuinely enjoy" playing competitive tennis, the star revealed ahead of the beginning of Wimbledon today.

Murray, who is seen as a contender to claim this year's title after an impressive 41 match wins this year, has struggled at times with anger during games. As a child, he earned the nickname "Bamm-Bamm" after the Flintstones character because he would hit things when he became cross.

He sought the help of sports psychologists from an early age, but the psychiatrist appears to have had a more profound effect than previous experts. "It's more about understanding myself better and I think the better you understand yourself it does help you before big matches," Murray told The Sunday Times.

He added: "I used a lot of sports psychologists when I was younger. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't. The stuff I'm doing now helps because I'm interested in learning about how the brain works rather than being told how to count to 10... You have to be open and honest about the thoughts and the feelings that you have. If you lie about things to make yourself look stronger and tougher, it's pointless."

Murray, 28, won a fourth Queen's Club tournament earlier this month.

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