Omani Boy Wins Gold in World Karate Championships

Omani Boy Wins Gold in World Karate Championships
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Published July 1st, 2018 - 10:12 GMT via

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Photo: Muscat Daily
Photo: Muscat Daily
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Oman’s Hisham Mohamed Abdullah al Busaidy, 10, has won gold in kata category in the seventh WUKF World Karate Championships held in Dundee, Scotland.

The championships was organised by the World Union Karate-Do Federation (WUKF) from June 14 to 17. There were 2,281 participants from 41 countries. 

Hisham won gold in kata all-styles for children in green to purple-blue (ten years) category. 

Denmark’s Mark Frederiksen won silver while Italy’s Emiliano Botti claimed bronze. 

Hisham’s coach Farid al Shuhaibi (7th dan) said, “Hisham has worked his way through perseverance and hard work. He never gives up and keeps trying. 

“Another quality I see in Hisham during training is his support to others, mixing very well with his peer group and  respecting all.”

Hisham started his karate journey when he was eight. Within two years, Hisham was training under Ahli Sidab Karate Club coaches Hilal al Abdali and Yusuf al Siyabi.

He got his yellow belt after six weeks of training. Hisham was encouraged by his coaches to take part in national championship in Muscat where he won silver. 

He later joined the Inter Karate Academy where he learnt most of his basics and kata under coach Shuhaibi. “I wish Hisham great success in the future. 

“I want him to achieve success in more international championships,” Shuhaibi said. 

Hisham also trained under black belt holder Farah Morsi. 

Ali al Raisi, a well-known coach agreed to enrol Hisham in his club. Hisham learnt kumite and kata under him.

Under Raisi, Hisham won gold in national-level competitions as well as an international competition meet in Oman.

Hisham has trained under world champions Seyed Alaedin Nekoofar from Iran and Alexandra Ilie from Romania who coached him at the world championships in Scotland. 

Two coaches who encouraged Hisham to participate and believed he can win were Ilie and Adrian Gherman from Romania who saw his talent firsthand. 

After his win in Scotland, Hisham was congratulated by the president of WUKF Dr Liviu Crisan from Romania, who hoped to see more talents emerging from Oman in the future. 

Speaking about his achievement, Hisham said, “To me karate is learning, having fun and not being scared to try new things and be up to the challenge. 

“I feel that karate is part of me and it’s in my heart. Working with many coaches helps me learn new things.” 

Hisham added that one should ‘never give up’. “It really doesn’t matter what colour belt you wear as long as you try your best. Always keep it in your mind that you are the best.

“A champion is not the one who wins gold and it’s not everything to me. 

“All you have to do is just try your best and never give up. That is enough for you to be a real champion.”

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