Plan to nurture promising tennis talent in Oman

Published October 2nd, 2017 - 09:02 GMT
Children take part in a tennis training programme held at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex on Monday. (Photo: Oman Tribune)
Children take part in a tennis training programme held at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex on Monday. (Photo: Oman Tribune)

The Omani Tennis Association inaugurated its flagship training programme at the tennis pitches of Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex. The event drew a huge turnout with over 150 children taking part on the opening day.

OTA’s main goal is to market tennis to school students in the Sultanate and creating a widespread fan base for the sport.

The first phase of the programme, Tennis Talents for the Future, included schools in the Muscat Governate with hopes of setting up similar programmes around the Sultanate in later phases, a press release said on Monday.

The first day saw many participants spread across the newly inaugurated tennis pitches and hope it would be a starting point to host international tournaments in the Sultanate and further local competitions this season.

Members of the organising team visited various public schools at Shams Al Maarif, Tafani, Manba Al Eiman, Al Athaibia and Bausher last March. Private Schools such as Sultan’s School, Choueifat, United, Azzan bin Qais and Durrat Al Khaleej schools were also visited.

Khalid Al Adi, OTA President, was glad to see the high number of participants in the programme and the involvement of the parents which will be the main marketing aspect of the game within the plans and programs set forth in the previous tenure of the association and their efforts.

Al Adi also thanked the parents for their participation in the greater good of the game and said that it is a great sign for the future of the game and participation on the national level.

Salman Abdulrahim Al Balushi, Head of Marketing at the association, said that the participation numbers were good and this is an indication of the future prospects of the game and a big boost to the efforts to increase tennis awareness in Oman.

Mundhir Al Barwani, Association Secretary, said that the ‘Tennis Talents for the Future’ programme, including other future programmes of the association, headed towards marketing the game and the awareness of it in Oman and especially within the younger age groups. Schools in Muscat were focused on at this phase, but future phases will ultimately include schools from throughout the Sultanate.

Salwa Al Hinai, a parent of one of the participants, valued the efforts of the OTA in creating awareness and interest in the youth. Complementing the association’s efforts in assisting her children to play tennis on a regular basis, she said such
programmes act as motivating factors for children to take part in other programmes proposed by OTA.

Tariq Al Yahmadi expressed his delight in the programme and the activities that it has included and said that such programmes offer great physical exercise for the participants. He lauded the reception and assistance that was provided by the organisers and valued all the efforts that were offered.

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