Qatar Reds Celebrate Liverpool’s Premier League Triumph

Published June 30th, 2020 - 08:56 GMT
Photo: Qatar Tribune
Photo: Qatar Tribune

The recent triumph of English Premier League champions Liverpool has reverberated across shores from England to Qatar to all over the world.

While thousands of Liverpool fans gathered outside Anfield stadium in Liverpool to celebrate the historic triumph, millions across the world joined in the celebrations and Qatar Reds (the official supporters of Liverpool Football Club in Qatar) have rejoiced on their club’s huge success as well.

The Qatar Reds, formed in 2012, have Amina Al Ali as their chairperson and receive fantastic support and assistance from their extended committees. There are over 600 official members linked to more than 3,500 supporters of Liverpool in Qatar on social media. According to Amina, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic disrupted the way supporters could celebrate this historic feat.

“COVID-19 has clearly influenced what we could and could not do to commemorate this occasion. Accordingly to maintain social distancing we did a ‘maseera’ at the Corniche with over 100 of our members taking part.

The chairperson of Qatar Reds has promised all Liverpool supporters that once life comes back to some kind of normalcy they’d rejoice more. “We’ll see what else we can do,” she said.

Liverpool’s smashing show has been a double whammy of sorts for the club’s fans in Qatar as they had also seen the Reds lift the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019 trophy at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha in December.

When the global pandemic disrupted life in England and led to a three-month suspension of the Premier League, Amina was nervous as to how the season would end, with some early ideas that the EPL might have been declared null and void.

“It would have been a heartbreak if the league had been cancelled with us being so close to success. After seeing some other leagues, such as the French, Belgian, Scottish, cancelling and awarding the league on sporting merit (points per game) some of the concern ebbed away. But there was still anguish at the thoughts that despite this being a record breaking season for Liverpool, an asterix may be placed after Liverpool’s name to signify the award being determined based on sporting merit. We no longer need to worry about that now. We are mathematical winners and now firmly back on our perch,” she said.

Winning the title was always the goal of a club that had been waiting for such a long time. “The most important thing for Liverpool fans is ultimately the league win; everything else is gloss. Now that the league is wrapped up we can freely focus on such matters,” the Qatar Reds chairperson said.

Liverpool are champions of the English Premier League and it is the Reds’ 19th top-flight title since their first in 1989-1990. The 30-year wait for the league title came to an end after Manchester City lost 2-1 at Chelsea which confirmed the Reds as Premier League champions last week.

Liverpool could also increase the 100-point average for Manchester City for a season one of the many records that the Reds can still crack.

Klopp’s side has delivered one of the most exciting campaigns in the history of the Premier League, amassing 86 points with 28 wins, two draws and a single loss from 31 games.

Also possible are the most wins in the season (the record is 32), most home wins (18), most away wins (16) and the biggest winning margin (19 points).

Amina also had praise for Klopp’s master tactics, “He’s phenomenal. His personality aligns so wonderfully with the City of Liverpool and Liverpool F.C. Bill Shankly is considered as the father of modern day Liverpool and built an incredible connection between the team and the fans. While Klopp is not Shankly; he is the closest thing to him. Liverpool had struggled prior to Klopp’s arrival and upon his arrival he said he would turn Liverpool from doubters to believers. We have seen that over the past few years from last minute goals against Dortmund in the UEFA Cup, to Aston Villa this season, to the memorable 4-0 comeback against Barcelona in last season’s successful Champions League run.”

Liverpool was founded in 1892 following a split from Everton FC and joined the Football League in 1893. The club was very successful in the 1970s and 80s domestically and in European competition, as they won numerous League Championships and four European Cups. But came the 1990s saw a lack of success for the club as they struggled to repeat their success in the Premier League era. The club reached former heights last year when they won the UEFA Champions League for a sixth time.

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