Ronaldinho's arrival in Pakistan will be a great spectacle: Tariq Lutfi

Ronaldinho's arrival in Pakistan will be a great spectacle: Tariq Lutfi
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Published March 17th, 2017 - 14:12 GMT via

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Tariq Lutfi

Former Pakistan football team captain Tariq Lutfi believes that Ronaldinho's arrival in Karachi will be great spectacle but he was pessimist that it would help rejuvenate football in the country.

'This is definitely the biggest high-profile visit made by an internationally acclaimed footballer to Pakistan. There will be great hype. But singling out Ronaldinho's visit and hope that it will change football fortunes in the country then I believe it would be practically impossible,' Lutfi, a former coach and team manager told.

'Leisure League has taken a good initiative. The vacuum created after Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) fell into the litigation process has been capitalized by the Leisure League,' he added.

He further said that the event may now put pressure on people involved with PFF to endeavor to solve the crisis and bring Pakistan football back on track.

'There is a huge fan following of football in Pakistan. Football fans here may not be following their national team but there are a lot of people in Pakistan, who keenly international leagues like EPL because it provides high-class football action. Ronaldinho had been a celebrated footballer. So, Ronaldinho's arrival would be a celebrated event. Let us hope it also do good to football in Pakistan apart from achieving commercial goals of the organizers,' he signed off.

Former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, who was known for his technique, dribbling tricks, no-look passes and free kicks, is expected to visit Karachi in July.

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