Rooney: Players to be blamed not Moyes for Man Utd's problems

Rooney: Players to be blamed not Moyes for Man Utd's problems
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Published October 7th, 2013 - 15:35 GMT via

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Manchester United: Rooney Says to Blame the Players not Moyes
Manchester United: Rooney Says to Blame the Players not Moyes
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Although Manchester United did manage to take all three points against Sunderland this weekend, the Red Devils continue to struggle this season with their form and winning mentality as they continue to be on a poor run of form this year.

Manager David Moyes is certainly under the microscope, granted when you are the hand picked successor to Sir Alex Ferguson what else could you expect, one of his star forwards and former youth players in the form of Wayne Rooney has come out to support him in the media according to comments seen in multiple papers across Britain this morning:

"Obviously the manager is under a bit of pressure and we know as a team it's us who have let him down.

We have to pull together for the manager and show the sort of fight we have done here and we'll be fine. We need to do better for him than we have been."

Late last week veteran United players Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand also came out in support of their manager and discussing the players and their own short comings and it appears that Rooney is just the latest United star to come to his manager's aide.

Additionally, Rooney praised Moyes' willingness to throw youngster Adnan Januzaj into the fray and test him in a crucial match and gave the young Belgian international much praise.

"He's a great prospect. He takes the ball, he runs at players and he's got great ability.

It's great the manager has thrown him into the side, especially with what has happened in the last few games. There was big pressure on us, but the manager has trusted him and he has repaid that.

He's very confident, that's great to see. A lot of the young players who come through are a little bit timid and shy, but he looks comfortable and he's confident in his own ability, which you need to be.

It was a brave move to play him in the circumstances and we're delighted it's paid off. There is a lot of pressure, but he seems to thrive on it. We know the ability he has got, but you never know how they are going to react when they are thrown into games.

We need to help the younger players and if we do that, they'll be moments where they come in and win us the game, as has happened here. The experienced lads need to help them emerge into a team."

Manchester United made their name under both Sir Matt Busby and more recently Ferguson as a club that gives young stars the chance to shine and take the club to new heights.

If this is a taste of what Moyes is hoping to do with the youngsters that fill the Manchester United youth ranks in the future, the club will hope to see the best out of their manager's bold choices.

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