Schmeichel Shares His Thoughts on Ronaldo’s Return to Man Utd

Published September 15th, 2021 - 09:11 GMT
Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo: AFP)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo: AFP)

Goalkeeping legend Peter Schmeichel shared his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester United in an exclusive interview with beIN SPORTS.

In a recent visit to Qatar, the former United star toured the country and discussed the ongoing two-year FIFA World Cup proposal.

On FIFA 2-Year World Cup / Revised Calendar

It’s very complex, there are so many stake holders and so many different part of the world to take into consideration, when I first joined the FIFA committee I was too conservative and took the European point of view, because there’s so much football in Europe you don’t think enough about the rest of the world.

FIFA Revised Calendar

There’s so much travelling, there’s a lack of rest and preparation for the players’ next match when they come back to the clubs, not many people think about it.  Football is global and Arsene Wenger is looking at a way in which we can make football better.  It’s complex but very interesting to hear all the different inputs from around the world.

On FIFA 2-Year World Cup

I think it’s a good idea, from an emotional level I’m thinking I’m from a small country, I played 14 years for my country but only played in one world cup, we missed out on qualification twice in the last game and then you have to wait for 4 more years for the next world cup to come around.  The World Cup is the ultimate, it’s one of my great experiences.  Every two years for a world cup is fantastic, players have an opportunity, that’s on an emotional level.

Even on a practical level, it’s already been decided that the world cup will be expanded to 48 teams, so you now have more opportunities for smaller countries that normally don’t come to the world cup.  Denmark benefitted and developed from qualifying for first major tournament Euro 84, then WC 86, Euro 88, Euro 92 but we’ve slowly progressed.  Denmark are 11th best team in the world, we’re only a population of 5 million people, and that comes from having the opportunity, we know as players if we don’t get the opportunity at the top level we will never get better, we need competitive matches.   

On Cristiano Ronaldo ’s Return to Manchester United

I have wanted Ronaldo back at Man Utd for a long time, we’ve not magnitude of signing for 10 years.  He has instant understanding of Manchester United, he will carry on great scoring record, great stats.  Ronaldo scored 37 goals last season, that won’t go away. He’s unbelievable, Individual super player and team player.  Inspiration to young players. Manchester United have needed this signing for so long, Ronaldo will deliver. I didn’t think Ronaldo was ever going to sign for Man City. It’s happy days for Man Utd.

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