Team GB footballers fail to inspire Facebook fans

Team GB footballers fail to inspire Facebook fans
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Published August 8th, 2012 - 13:12 GMT via

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Facebook fans uninspired by Team Great Britain footballers
Facebook fans uninspired by Team Great Britain footballers
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The performance of Team Great Bitain's football players at the London Olympics has failed to inspire the Facebook generation.

The medal winning athletes, like Britain's golden girl, Jessica Ennis have gained lots of new fans and 'likes' on the social network, whereas the footballers' appeal has been rather limited.

The squad lost out to South Korea on penalties in the quarterfinal on Saturday with Ryan Giggs playing captain.

Giggs's performance only earned him a marginal uptake in new fans on his official Facebook page - with a less than one per cent increase, The Telegraph reports.

However, over the same period of time, heptathlon gold medal winner Ennis, experienced the biggest increase in new fans with a 3,757 per cent increase in Facebook 'likes' over the weekend, securing almost 500,000 fans in total.

Ennis's teammate and training partner Katarina Johnson-Thomson also experienced a huge uplift in fans online, with an impressive 1223 per cent increase.

Mo Farah was the other big Facebook winner, securing an additional 25,000 Facebook 'likes' over the weekend, a jump of 65 per cent, according to figures collated by Wildfire, a British social media marketing company and partner of Facebook, The Telegraph reports. (ANI)

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