Toure calls racist abuse on Twitter 'a disgrace' as police investigate

Toure calls racist abuse on Twitter 'a disgrace' as police investigate
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Published November 5th, 2014 - 17:51 GMT via

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Yaya Toure
Yaya Toure

Manchester City's Champions League game tonight has been overshadowed by the latest incident of racist abuse against Yaya Touré, which the police are investigating.

"For me it's a disgrace," said City's Ivorian talisman after finding himself under attack on his Twitter feed just hours after returning to the social media site after a self-imposed five-month absence.

Speaking ahead of tonight's match at home to CSKA Moscow, he added: "We need to do something to try to tell people those kinds of behaviour have to stop. I want those people to understand what they're doing is wrong.

"To have such aggression in sport, I can't understand that. That's why I've been trying to fight it. Football doesn't have a colour. We're just people from all over the world trying to enjoy the game. I never see this in rugby, I never see it in tennis or anything else. I don't know where it's coming from."

The matter has been taken up by the police, while a spokesman for the anti-racism charity Kick it Out said the abuse was "of an appalling nature".

The spokesman added: "We are disturbed by the fact that someone can be treated this way. We will offer Yaya Touré our full support."

It is understood two tweets are under investigation, one from an account since deleted named @CFCZone.

Touré added: "For me it's OK because I have experience, but for young lads who will maybe go on Twitter and find that... First, they'll be afraid, second they'll close their account," he told the BBC.

"I've been attacked like that for many years. I will never stop telling them they are wrong and have to change."

Racist problems have already caused the away leg against CSKA Moscow to be played in an empty stadium, and the new abuse once more thrusts the issue of racism to the forefront of this particular Champions League engagement. Supporters of tonight's Russian visitors are banned from attending under the terms of a sanction being served for racist abuse aimed at Roma's players in a group fixture in Italy in September.

The home fixture against City a fortnight ago was played behind closed doors as part of the same punishment, the second such sanction imposed on Moscow in the space of 12 months following the abuse of Touré in a Champions League match last October.

City manager Manuel Pellegrini believes the matter will not have a negative impact on his playmaker, however. "I think Yaya is an experienced player," he said. "He is always trying to fight against those things but I don't think he will have any problem about that - to play in the way he knows to do it."

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