Wakeskating A Volcanic Valley in The Jordanian Desert with Brian Grubb

Published August 14th, 2018 - 03:26 GMT
Wakeskating champion and Red Bull athlete Brian Grubb, battles the unforgiving water streams in a volcanic narrow valley In the Jordanian Desert.
Wakeskating champion and Red Bull athlete Brian Grubb, battles the unforgiving water streams in a volcanic narrow valley In the Jordanian Desert.

Wadi Al-Hidan is one of the most important touristic attractions in the Jordanian province of Madaba, a beautiful black basaltic canyon filled with narrow gorges, fresh natural pools, mesmerizing green vegetation and wild life. The quietness of this scenery bared witness to a unique event represented by the penetration of its unique natural meandering ... by a water skateboard!

"It's great to be here in Jordan. I never imagined that I could wake skate right here." With these words, Wakeskating champion Brian Grubb began his new adventure.

The Red Bull athlete, who has been practicing the sport for more than 15 years, is facing a more difficult and dangerous challenge, having toured unique locations around the world, breaking snow streams in Sarajevo and rice fields in the Philippines. The destination this time is the Valley of Hidan.

Double the challenge!

The Hidan Valley is located near Madaba along the royal road, extending over several kilometers. The valley, which is a true masterpiece of nature, consists of basalt volcanoes, solid rocks, and abundance of small caves, natural water pools and green spots, where wildlife is active! The water passes through the Hidan Valley to cross a long distance through natural water streams before it flows into the Dead Sea.

It is this water, which rises above and below according to the seasons of nature, that brought Brian Grubb to this particular site, an unimaginable spot that no one would have imagined could be suitable for a waterskiing project.

The challenge Grubb faced was two-folded: the process of setting up the site did not seem easy at all, while the task of carrying out the water ride was filled with difficulties and risks.

Distinguished hospitality

The local Bedouins were the heroes of the day! With their help the equipment was transported in small boats or carried through water or above the surrounding rocks.

Grubb was able to learn about the local culture after spending an evening with local residents, during which he listened to Bedouin music and songs, and tasted some traditional cuisine.

Performance That Defies Nature

3-2-1 Go! The team positioned themselves on top of one of the peaks of the valley, where the long wire pulling machine that the Red Bull athlete would hold on to, was installed to launch him across the volcanic rocks.

Grubb clings to the wire with both hands before releasing the left immediately after the start, swaying in the direction of the narrow passage, changing rapidly with each hop over the water with the board under his feet. Despite some mishaps and loss of balance here and there, Brian managed to beat the unforgiving terrain of the valley.

The climax of the challenge on the last day of this adventure was to pass a tight crack rapidly on the water board, which the athlete had accomplished brilliantly. At the end of the mission the cheers of joy and victory rose.

Magical Contradiction

The project, which was brought to life with the support of the Jordanian Tourism Board, illuminated one of Jordan's unique landmarks in an exceptional sense.

The charming contrast was the master of the situation, between the dry nature of the place and the water that irrigates the valley, with wild flowers scattered at the sides of the waterways. The biggest contradiction was the nature of the project itself: a man boldly crossing the narrow, dangerous corridors of the valley, at lightning speed on a water skateboard, while maneuvering the breathtaking abyss of rock and water.

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