Zico’s 'Ten Foundations’ towards changing FIFA

Zico’s 'Ten Foundations’ towards changing FIFA
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Published September 12th, 2015 - 22:38 GMT via SyndiGate.info

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Zico’s "Ten Foundations’ for improving Fifa

Zico has based his campaign for the Fifa presidency on what he calls the '€˜Ten Foundations’ towards change. Here he explains the issues on which he has based his bid for the highest position in world football:

1. Dual goal: Democracy and Transparency will be the pillars on which we will pursue all Fifa activities.

2. Standard of Governance: Have a complete review of the rules concerning governance in Fifa by creating a standard of governance that will be mandatory for all Fifa members.

3. Fifa Presidential Elections: Democratise and extend right to vote for all key interest groups involved in development of world football, including former players, coaches, trainers, doctors, media, clubs, referees and even fans.

4. Fifa Executive Committee: Total review of process of formation and composition of the Fifa Executive Committee, giving more transparency to the selection criteria of members.

5. Streamline Financial Resources: Adopt a system of total transparency in the allocation of financial resources controlled by Fifa, while uniformly enhancing the amount invested in the development of football throughout the world.

6. Equal Attention: Increase in funds for development of other modes of football, including women’s football, futsal, beach soccer and various age-group competitions.

7. Social Projects Review: Total review of eligibility criteria, approval and accountability for social projects related to the development of football presented by national football associations and financed through resources related to Fifa.

8. Rules of the Game: Contemplate major changes in the rules while expanding discussions on the use of technology.

9. Digital Platform: Create a democratic process for access to the football fan all over the world through the launch of a digital platform for broadcast of football matches that do not have space or a broadcast market on traditional media outlets.

10. Free Voice: Creation of programmes that will bring the end user of football closer to the game, and at the same time help the development of football around the globe.

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