Dominique Hourani suggests silicon instead of plastic surgeries

Published May 29th, 2011 - 06:00 GMT
Dominique Hourani
Dominique Hourani

Lebanese singer Dominique Hourani has said that she is totally against plastic surgeries, unless strongly recommended by a surgeon for someone who was in some kind of accident that left them deformed. She said that she considered plastic surgeries a taboo in the religious sense and should be avoided.


Dominique added that plastic surgeries in certain parts of the body can be easily avoided by wearing special undergarments. For example, there are undergarments that can make a chest look bigger and even shorts that have silicon in them a woman may wear to make her rear end look big. She stressed that these options are much better than having plastic surgeries done, something she would never do.


Dominique said that even after giving birth her figure is in perfect shape and any woman can have a great figure is she works on it.


On  a different note, Dominique just filmed a music video for her duet “Jay Ala Bali” (On my mind) with Syrian singer Ali Al Deek. The clip was directed by Imad Al Rifaee who presented a new and appealing idea for the clip. Both Dominique and Ali refused to reveal the details of the clip until it is launched on different satellite television channels.


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