Symantec appliances provide customers with flexible deployment options

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Published January 18th, 2011 - 09:56 GMT

Symantec Corp. today announced the company’s appliance strategy to provide customers with a flexible and easy to deploy delivery model for its data protection, storage management and security solutions. This new approach empowers organizations to choose between appliances, software or cloud solutions according to what best suits their IT requirements, needs and environment. With the latest release of the NetBackup 5020 deduplication appliance, NetBackup 5200 series and FileStore N8300  appliances, Symantec delivers on the company’s strategy to: 

Deliver Choice: Symantec is giving customers a choice in the way they purchase and deploy market-leading software by offering a new appliance form-factor.  

Respond to Customer Needs: Symantec is pursuing several avenues to expand delivery of its software to customers as pre-configured hardware devices, as a response to increasing customer need for appliance-based solutions.

Drive Down Total Cost of Ownership: Software pre-installed on appliances, Front end terabyte licensing model for deduplication and a single point of contact for software and hardware technical support allows customers to reduce their overall costs. 
Reduce Complexity: With massive data growth frustrating storage and backup professionals, simplicity has become a critical element of the IT infrastructure. Appliances allow organizations to quickly deploy Symantec technology to reduce the impact of data growth in the fastest deployment model possible.  

According to IDC, the software appliance market is expected to break the $1 billion threshold by 2011 and will grow to $3.7 billion by 2014 . Symantec’s appliance strategy began in 2010 with the release of the NetBackup 5000 series of deduplication appliances, and Symantec will continue to deliver new appliances across its data protection, storage management and security portfolio. Initially, the appliances will be available in select markets, and will expand globally in phases as demand increases.

In conjunction with this new appliance strategy, Symantec introduced two new appliances: Symantec NetBackup 5200 and the Symantec FileStore N8300. These appliances will provide organizations flexibility with out-of-the-box backup and file storage services. NetBackup 5200, enables customers to expand their data protection infrastructure with an easy to deploy, all-in-one hardware and software solution for scalable backup and deduplication. FileStore N8300 enables customers to build cloud storage and manage unstructured data growth with a scalable, easy to manage, clustered NAS solution for their file storage  needs in on-premise and cloud environments..  

“Organizations today are strapped when it comes to time, resources, budget and staff. They are looking for solutions that easily integrate and manage their complex IT environments. While Symantec’s innovation lies within the software, these new appliances are a great plug-and-play option to accelerate and simplify deployment for our customers,” said Omar Dajani, Director - Systems Engineering, Emerging Markets, Symantec.

“Regardless of how easy software and services are to deploy, some customers simply want a solution that combines hardware and software from one vendor, reducing licensing costs, time with technical support and the overall purchasing process,” said Laura DuBois, program vice president, IDC Storage Software and Solutions. “Symantec’s appliances will give them a solution that is easy to deploy and configure.”

According to a recent IDC survey, 25% of respondents are already using or evaluating software appliances today.

According to a recent Symantec study, 44 percent of respondents prefer an appliance form factor with software for deduplication to a software delivery model built into existing backup software that lets them use commodity hardware.  

Background Information

Symantec Corp.

Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC), the world's leading cyber security company, allows organizations, governments, and people to secure their most important data wherever it lives.

Our Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) Platform unifies products, services, and partners, protecting enterprises against sophisticated threats across endpoints, networks, applications, and clouds.

A global community of more than 50 million people rely on Symantec’s Norton and LifeLock products to help protect their digital lives at home and across their devices.


الأميرة بياتريس تُغرّد ردّاً على كريسي تيغن.. والأخيرة "مصدومة"!

Published February 23rd, 2019 - 01:32 GMT
الأميرة بياتريس وكريسي تيغن
الأميرة بياتريس وكريسي تيغن

في تبادل تغريداتٍ فريدٍ من نوعه حصل يوم أمس الخميس، لم تتوقّع "عميدة" تويتر الممثلة العالمية "كريسي تيغن" أن تحصُلَ على ردٍّ ملكي من قِبل الأميرة بياتريس.

كعادتها، تُغرّد كريسي تيغن بكُلّ شيءٍ يخطر على بالها، وفي يوم أمس كتبت عبر حسابها في تويتر بأنّها تُحب الاسم "بي"، عِلمًا بأنّ لقب الأميرة بياتريس هو Bea، فقالت: "بي اسمٌ رائع، أرجو من أحدٍ منكم أن يُسمّي ابنته بي، فأنا لستُ مُستعدّةً لابنةٍ أخرى، وجون يرفض فكرة تبنّي كلبٍ جديد، وأنا سأكون والدتها بالمعمودية".

وما إن كتبت كريسي هذه الكلمات، حتّى بدأ المُتابعات بنشر صورِ بناتهن اللواتي يحملن الاسم "بي"، بل ووعدها آخرون بأنهم سيُسمّون ابنتهم المُقبلة "بي"، ليأتّي الرّد المُفاجئ من الأميرة البريطانية "بياتريس" قائلةً: "سأعشق أن أكون ابنتك بالمعمودية".

صُدمت تيغن من رد الأميرة غير المُتوقّع، وما كان منها إلّا أن تكتُبَ هذه الكلمات ردًّا عليها "يا إلهي.. يا إلهي.. يا إلهي" من شدّة الصّدمة، بل وصُدم مُتابعوها معها، فرد الأميرة أدخلهم في دهشةٍ إيجابية، إذ قال أحدهم: "انظروا من عاد إلى تويتر"، وقال آخر: "هل تستطيع ذكر ثنائي أكثر أيقونية من هذا"، وعلّق ثالث: "عميدة تويتر وسموّها الملكي الأميرة بياتريس.. هذا أفضل تفاعل رأيته على تويتر.. سلّمي لي على كيت".

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