Al Jaber Aviation introduces the Airbus 318 Elite

Published August 24th, 2010 - 09:44 GMT

Al Jaber Aviation, AJA, received its first all new Airbus 318 Elite plus from Airbus. The new Airbus 318 Elite plus will join the Embraer Lineage 1000 that was introduced by AJA March 2010 and the two Embraer Legacy 600 that were introduced by AJA in June 2009.

Mr. Mohammed Al Jaber, CEO of AJA, commented saying, "We are very pleased to receive our first Airbus 318 Elite plus. We are carrying out our expansion plan as planned when we launched AJA. The Airbus 318 Elite plus is a valuable addition to our fleet; it will add great benefits to our customers through providing a state-of-the-art large size aircraft that flies longer ranges with utmost comfort and luxury".

"Our Airbus 318 Elite plus aircraft will offer private travel in unprecedented comfort and style, providing families and companies with a new way to fly. Mr. Al Jaber added. "In addition to the huge improvement in space and comfort, high-end travelers in the Airbus ACJ Family will also benefit from separate cabin-zones and unmatched freedom of movement in flight,"

The addition of this large size aircraft to AJA fleet will empower the company to venture a totally new sector of clientele in private aviation. AJA will be able to offer "Your Private Airspace" the AJA level of services to Heads of States, rulers, VIPs and all those who wish to fly in extreme comfort to far destinations; it can make UAE to London & even beyond. The Airbus 318 Elite plus is the first of 6 Airbus aircraft ordered by AJA allowing the company to offer its services to the customers who demand greater luxury, greater range with a greater number of passengers.

The new AJA Airbus 318 Elite plus was inspected, test flown & accepted on the 27th of July 2010, immediately it flew home from Hamburg to Abu Dhabi. AJA took the time to fully train operational staff on the new aircraft then on the 3rd of August 2010 the GCAA carried out the thorough AOC Operational Audit of AJA & the Airbus 318 Elite plus, AJA passed & were given commercial license immediately to start selling the aircraft in the charter market.

The new Airbus 318 Elite plus allows AJA to continue to offer "Your private Airspace" service in the larger size longer range VIP charter market, exactly where AJA want to be & exactly in line with the continued execution of the AJA business plan. The AJA level of service is already known where AJA offer "Your Private Airspace" using the Lineage 1000 and Legacy 600 aircraft but the new Airbus 318 Elite plus aircraft allows AJA to take the level of service to new heights to a new clientele who demand more space, more cargo, more luxury & more range.

This extraordinary private jet seats up to 19 passengers, flying larger groups than traditional business jets making it ideal for big companies, government delegations, and extended families. And with the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet, the A318 Elite plus also delivers unprecedented comfort, space, cargo capability and freedom of movement.

The Airbus 318 Elite plus extends into the sky the kind of comfort and space that customers already enjoy at home or in the office by featuring an attractively elegant and spacious cabin.

Airbus' A318 Elite is the newest Airbus corporate jet, and features a stylish and practical cabin created by Lufthansa Technik, with seating for up to 19 passengers. The Airbus ACJ is derived from the popular A319 airliner, the Airbus Elite is derived from the A318 airliner.

Airbus A318 Elite plus features the widest, tallest and most spacious cabin of any single-aisle corporate jet – the cabin cross-section is almost twice as wide as that of traditional business jets – making it the new top-of-the-line in high-end travel.

And because the A318 Elite is part of the world's most modern airliner family, it also delivers a stream of benefits to customers. These include a robust long-lasting airframe that holds its value well, modern and reliable systems proven in millions of hours of airline service, and an advanced aerodynamic design powered by modern and efficient engines.

The ACJ Family, which comprises the A318 Elite, A319 ACJ and A320 Prestige, also delivers many benefits to the pilots and mechanics that fly and maintain them. These include a modern and user-friendly cockpit with practical pull-out tables, modern fly-by-wire controls, Category 3B auto land as standard, centralized maintenance linked to every aircraft system, and large outward-opening cargo doors. 

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