University of Dubai awards students and organizations at the annual SLAC ceremony

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Published May 31st, 2011 - 08:11 GMT
During the honoring ceremony
During the honoring ceremony

The University of Dubai (UD), a prestigious university in the UAE established by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has recognized students and organizations that contributed and supported the Department of Student Services (DSS).

The Student Life Awards Ceremony (SLAC) is a remarkable event held annually to honor those, whose contributions to the university community showed outstanding performance and commitment. The main objective of the event is to appreciate and recognize every effort done to support the DSS at the University of Dubai throughout the academic year. Students, clubs, organizations, faculty and staff were rewarded based on certain criteria set by the SLAC committee. 

At the ceremony, organizers of successful events and individuals who took leadership positions in all aspects of student life such as the University of Dubai Student Union (UDSU), student clubs and sports teams were granted awards and certificates in recognition of their positive involvement. DSS also recognized its partners from different industries and business sectors that offered distinguished student services at all levels throughout the academic year.

Such unique event has become the landmark achievement for the University of Dubai as one of its known traditions in promoting all dimensions of quality and valuable candidates.

Dr M. Omar Hefni, President of UD, presented the awards, certificates and gifts to the awardees / winners. He said: “The event was very successful because it was a great gathering for students, the faculty and staff and it helped in strengthening the bond between them. The ceremony also celebrated the achievements of the students and the organizations that were working together in order to deliver successful events and activities organized by the community.”

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