Gigaset launches hands free clip for complete freedom of movement

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Published July 13th, 2011 - 09:57 GMT
Gigaset L410 hands free clip
Gigaset L410 hands free clip

A premiere in fixed-line telephony: Europe’s market leader Gigaset Communications is presenting the Gigaset L410 hands free clip, a genuine innovation in the phone market. This 30-gram DECT device gives users complete freedom of movement and enables calls in outstanding voice quality. Unlike with a headset, the user’s hands and ears are free. The Gigaset L410 is simply clipped to clothing to provide users with true multitasking freedom. 

According to a survey by Gigaset Communications, 79 percent of respondents use the time they are phoning to do other things, such as cooking, working at the computer or surfing the Internet. The Gigaset L410 follows these changes in users’ telephone behavior. They can move around in the home or office in complete freedom, interact and do things that need to be done on the side. A powerful loudspeaker in the hands free clip ensures excellent voice quality.

The Gigaset L410 has a clear philosophy: It is easy to operate – from installation to everyday use. The clip is registered with the base station like any other cordless phone. When a call is received, it rings at the same time at all the other handsets registered at the station. In developing the Gigaset L410, the designers and engineers paid particular attention to ease of use: A call can be taken and ended using just the clip’s large multifunctional key. Users can transfer a call from another cordless phone or join an ongoing call to set up a three-way conference.

The Gigaset L410 also has a rocker key to adjust the volume of the loudspeaker and ringtone. An LED shows the current status of the device and visually indicates incoming calls. With its clear user guidance and functional design, the Gigaset L410 captured the coveted and prestigious red dot design award 2011.

Although extremely light at just 30 grams, the Gigaset L410 has great endurance. When it is fully charged, the hands free clip offers a talk time of up to five hours and a standby time of as much as 120 hours. The Gigaset L410 is fully recharged in less than 2.5 hours in its separate station.

The Gigaset L410 also supports ECO DECT functions. If ECO mode is enabled for the base station, the transmitting power of the base station and hands free clip is reduced by 80 percent, even during calls. In ECO Plus mode, the wireless connection is enabled only when a call is set up.

The Gigaset L410 hands free clip can be used with all Gigaset phones and DECT base stations from other vendors. The Gigaset models S810/S810A and C610/C610A also support transfer of calls from the handset to the Gigaset L410 and back at the touch of a single button. Many of the Gigaset phones to be launched in the future will also support this useful function.

Gigaset Communications will offer the hands free clip in the UAE at AED 149 which is available in the market this week onwards

Background Information

Gigaset Communications

Gigaset Communications GmbH is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cordless phones and the clear market leader in Europe for DECT phones. With its headquarters in Munich, the company develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality products under the brand Siemens Gigaset. Its portfolio includes fixed-network phones, Voice over IP devices, software solutions and home media products. The primary production site is in Bocholt, Germany, where the Gigaset products are manufactured under the most stringent quality and environmental standards. Gigaset Communications is a licensee of the Siemens trademark.

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