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FREG turns up the heat on grey transactions
December 23, 2014 - 07:31 GMT
UAE’s Foreign Exchange and Remittance Group (FERG) has turned up the heat on money laundering and frauds at its recent anti money laundering (AML) and combating terrorist financing (CTF) conference in Dubai.

February 6, 2013

Egypt's Central Bank revealed yesterday that net foreign reserves fell by $1.4 billion in January
04:00 GMT

Egypt's net foreign reserves fell by $1.4 billion in January to $13.613 billion, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) stated on Tuesday.

January 31, 2013

Eygpt's foreign reserves have risen to $15.5 billion, helped by Qatari support, according the the country's finance minister
08:21 GMT

Eygpt's foreign reserves have risen to $15.5 billion, helped by a deposit by Qatar to support the economy, the North African country’s finance minister said.

January 27, 2013

Saudi Arabia has warned against a currency war, saying it would hurt the global economy
09:48 GMT

Devaluation of currency by certain countries to make them more competitive in the global market has raised fears of a “currency war” — a move that Saudi Arabia says would have a negative impact on the world economy.

January 1, 2013

The Central Bank of Egypt is trying to stop a currency flight from the country
08:00 GMT

The new monetary foreign exchange regulations, enacted by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) on Sunday, will help curb speculation on the US dollar in the domestic market and maintain a low rate of inflation, said the country’s top bankers.

December 31, 2012

The Egyptian pound plummeted to an eight year low against the US dollar yesterday
04:00 GMT

The Egyptian pound plummeted to an eight year low against the US dollar on Sunday afternoon, following a currency auction in which the Central Bank sold $75 million to local banks.

December 30, 2012

The Central Bank of Egypt is imposing yet more currency controls in an effort to stave of a crisis
11:53 GMT

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced on Sunday several procedures to preempt a looming foreign currency crisis, including putting a limit on corporate cash withdrawals at $30,000 per day, Reuters reported.

November 20, 2012

Jordanian's living abroad are sending records amounts of money back to the Kingdom
12:20 GMT

Remittances from expatriates to Jordan have increased 5.5 per cent to $3.1 billion, in what could be seen as Jordanian's who living abroad trying to help their families more as the cost of living increases in the Kingdom.

November 18, 2012

Oman is to issue bonds worth OR100m ($260m)
04:00 GMT

Oman will issue five-year government development bonds worth OR100m ($260m) at an annual interest rate of 3.25 percent, a statement from the central bank of Oman said on Saturday.

October 23, 2012

Remittances have pushed up demand for the Jordanian dinar
10:03 GMT

Rising expatriates’ remittances have pushed up sharply the demand for the Jordanian dinar in recent weeks, according to the top representative of moneychangers.

Accusations fly in Iran over money laundering
04:00 GMT

An Iranian opposition group has claimed that an official in the country defied United Nations sanctions to build an international money laundering network that funds black market equipment purchases by the regime.

October 17, 2012

Switzerland has blocked  millions of dollars of assets relating to Mubarak
05:00 GMT

Switzerland has blocked around $753 million in assets tied to Egypt's ex-president Hosni Mubarak and his entourage, the Swiss foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

October 14, 2012

Inflation grew in Palestine, fulled by increasing food costs
13:12 GMT

Inflation in Palestine is on the rise, as the overall Consumer Price Index increase by 1.42 per cent, when compared to September, fuelled by a15.49 per cent increase in fresh vegetables and other food stuffs.

October 11, 2012

Sanctions don't work, according to Iran's Supreme Leader Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
13:42 GMT

Tehran's top cleric Ali Khameni said that the sanctions weren't an effective deterrence as the rial nosedived last week, in what could be a nod to growing frustration with President Ahmadinejad's 'Lame Duck' presidency.

October 8, 2012

The Tunisian economy is set to grow in 2013
14:33 GMT

The tunisian economy is set to grow by 4.5% in 2013, up from 3.5% in 2012 in a sign that the economy of the North African country could be improving after the Arab Spring.

Egypt's foreign reserves fall
14:01 GMT

Egypt's net international reserves fell a monthly $87 million to reach $15.04 billion in September, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced on Monday.