Is Asma al-Assad the Sexy Mystery Woman in Bashar's Emails?

Published March 21st, 2012 - 02:35 GMT
Asma al-Assad Compared to Bashar al-Assad's Mystery Girl
Asma al-Assad Compared to Bashar al-Assad's Mystery Girl

Al Bawaba's exclusive coverage of the Assad Emails today exonerates Bashar al Assad as a cheating husband.  He may be a dishonest broker with his people but a cheater he is not, if these latest findings are proved true. Is the mystery seductress from the Syrian President's email inbox none other than his very own wife?

It has been a prurient, as well as politically intriguing, ride through Bashar al Assad’s personal email inbox, courtesy of the Guardian investigative journalism complete with their hacker agent’s detective work.  

Has anybody else wondered if this ‘other’ woman lurking in Bashar al-Assad’s inbox is non-other than his holy wife by matrimony? Consider that his First Lady turns out to be his one and only lady, his Last Lady, til death do us part, hackers be damned!

Detective work

Al Bawaba's curious team in conjunction with a consummate crew of experts have gone to lengths to make an eye-opening, whistle-blowing case on the identity of Assad's mystery girl. This breakthrough comes after taking the ‘files’, as they were, for closer inspection.

Employing advanced image analysis together with techniques of facial scanning and consultation with skin specialists, the striking conclusion has been drawn that this tall, lanky, small limbed physique, complete with cropped dirty blonde to mousy brown hair, belongs to one and the same Asma al Assad. 

Could it be just a coincidence that a lot of people’s intuitive gut reaction suggested that this scantily clad and wall-hugging woman cut the fine figure of the familiar (albeit fully clothed) First Lady Asma al Assad?

Asma is everywoman?

We are going out on a limb, and that limb is svelte and distinctly petite, to say that the mystery raunchily-posed woman in Assad’s cyber life, is the very same woman in his real life. She stood by him through thick and thin. And thin she certainly turns out to be, when unveiled further, if this mystery woman is the supportive wife.

The case rests primarily on the mystery woman's visible body parts corresponding to high resolution verified imagery of Asma al -Assad, in lesser degrees of undress. A positive match was made using an identification based on anthropometry of various parts of the body including head, ear, neck, eyes, and nose.  

Ear-prints alone can provide a reasonable case for identifying a person. Beyond determining 'attached' or 'detached' ear types, there are folds, crevices, and structural forms that can be pinned down. The mystery lady's distinguished neck, skin markings as neck creases, moles and freckles, eyes brows, angle of lashes, as well as those unique 'ear-marks' all contribute to making a match with Asma. The nose's ever so slight ridge, and the curvature of her back, tilted similarly in different photographs, were further giveaways of the uncanny resemblance.(See diagrammed image above)

Showing off the fruits of her shopping sprees?

As to the fake email accounts, Asma may have wished to preserve her reputation as the good daughter of a diplomat and cardiologist. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, of good Syrian stock, even if her husband insists on killing people with no heed to international warnings, she does not want to fall from grace.

Her appetite for high-life, replete with the finest items in shopping, has not been spoilt by thoughts of the deaths or the destruction of her home-town Homs, as her husband's forces relentlessly reduce Homs to rubble, ransacking homes with women and children. From Paris boutiqe handicrafts to Chelsea bespoke furnishings, fondue fancy sets, and the finest lingerie money can buy, together with luxury undergarment tastes shared by other First Ladies, her penchant for glamor has not abated just yet. 

There's no accounting for Levant tastes

Her love of clothing accessories and the latest Louboutins have now become as infamous as her suspected private night-stand and closet underwear fetish. In all cases, Syrians are no strangers to peculiar or 'kinky' underwear tastes.

This compulsion to while her hours away shopping, no doubt as a numbing retail therapy to her husband's unsavory slaughters, probably took her on physical shopping trips to fashion capitals. London was probably a choice bet considering her UK upbringing and retained British nationality. Notes of pining emerging in the Assad Emails point to the frequent-flyer life-style the couple may have led.

The photo of our alleged First Lady baring all, appears to be taken from a hotel room, as we can see the luggage rack behind the scenes with her crumpled clothes strewn over the stand. Perhaps she was on a lingerie shopping trip, and seeking her hubbie's approval for some skimpy Victorias to feed her penchant for lingerie, and his for her, when she sent him this sexy snap.

Assad dreamt of reforms that meant seeing more of the wife, than an improved country. Travel trips to London such as this furtive example would lead to the estranged couple keeping intimate email contact, exchanging little tokens of their fantasies and photos for reminders. Asma was leaving husband Bashar with something to keep him going, until she was home for 5. From the doors of the Dorchester hotel, she could be back at the gateways of the palace in a matter of hours, in time to give Bashar supper.


What do you think? Bashar’s First Lady or First play-thing? Is the mystery woman in Assad’s private email inbox a mystery still, or a lawful wife caught out?


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