In Light of World Toilet Day: Almost Half of Egyptians Don't Have Sewage Services

In Light of World Toilet Day: Almost Half of Egyptians Don't Have Sewage Services
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Published November 20th, 2017 - 20:00 GMT via

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Sanitation is connected to 19% of Egyptian villages (Shutterstock/File)
Sanitation is connected to 19% of Egyptian villages (Shutterstock/File)
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  • Almost half of Egyptians lack sewage services and one million people lack clean water sources
  • The coverage of sanitation across the country is 56%
  • Only 15% of rural areas receive drinking water 
  • Sanitation services are currently only connected to 19% of villages (896 villages and 115 hamlets out of 4,700)


World Toilet Day was celebrated for the first time in 2013 after the United Nations General Assembly adopted Singapore’s decision to dedicate Nov. 19 as the day for raising awareness about the global sanitation crisis.

Almost half of Egyptians are deprived of sewage services, while one million people are deprived of clean water sources, according to Yahia Shawkat, research director at 10 Tooba for Applied Research on the Built Environment.

World Toilet Day aims to focus on sanitation problems, as one billion people around the world live without toilets, in addition to 2.4 billion – 40% of the world population – lacking good sanitation.

Shawkat said the Egyptian government is busy launching and executing new sanitation projects without detracting from completing old and existing projects.



Sanitation is connected to 19% of Egyptian villages

Minister of Housing Utilities and Urban Communities Mostafa Madbouly said that the coverage of drinking water across the country currently amounts to about 96%, while the coverage rate of sanitation is about 56%.

Madbouly added that the areas receiving drinking water are divided into 83% of urban cities (189 out of 227 cities), 15% of rural areas (687 villages and 190 hamlets out of 4,700 villages).

The minister further noted that sanitation services are currently connected to 19% of villages (896 villages and 115 hamlets).

He pointed out that 26 projects for drinking water are being implemented, as well as 25 sewage project, in Alexandria, Ismailia, Suez, and South Sinai, along with eight governorates in Upper Egypt and six governorates in the Delta.

First Deputy Minister of Housing Randa El Menshawy said in a press statement that the total number of villages in Egypt is 4,802 villages, of which 911 villages have sanitation services, with a percentage exceeding 19%. Meanwhile, the ministry is currently working on connecting sanitation services to 957 villages, bringing the total to 1,160 villages, or 24%, with sanitation services.



Deprived governorates’ villages

According to statistics by the Holding Company for Water & Wastewater (HCWW), there are 28 villages lacking infrastructure in Qena governorate, only 17% of villages enjoy sanitation service in Kafr El Sheikh, and only one-third of the villages in Menoufiya governorate have sanitation services.

Beni Suef has about 1,000 homes suffering from the absence of sanitation services.

As for the Giza governorate, 97% of the governorate is provided with drinking water and 54% with sewage services, while 60% of the villages in Minya governorate are without sanitation services.

In Daqahleya, more than 36 villages in the governorate are deprived of sanitation services. Furthermore, there are 234 hamlets and five villages deprived of sanitation services in Ismailia.


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