10 Company Stocks to Watch in 2022

Published January 18th, 2022 - 06:00 GMT
10 Company Stocks to Watch in 2022

Investing in stocks has always been a great way to save up and have your own safety net. However, with the high level of uncertainty and economic distress that the world has witnessed these past few years, investing in the right stock has become more important than ever before. 

And to make choosing which stocks to invest in a little bit easier, we brought you 10 company stocks that you should keep an eye on in 2022! 

1. NIO

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As the world continues to move further towards green technology and energy, the luxury electric cars manufacturer, NIO, seems to be reaping the benefits! In 2020, it has seen a sales growth of 107.8% and $5,055.40M in yearly sales.

2. Netflix

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What was an already popular streaming service has gained even more popularity since the pandemic hit. Bloomberg even reports that with Netflix’s 2020 sales growth of 24%, it could even make it to investment grade. 

3. Roblox

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The leading game maker Roblox is already heading the industry with its investments in meta-themed EFTs. Furthermore, as the virtual market is expected to grow to $800M by 2024, then Roblox is guaranteed to keep growing! 

4. Tencent

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With the Chinese tech giant having stocks in Epic Games and Roblox, Tencent already has a head start in the virtual world. With sales growth of 27.8% in 2020, things are looking bright for Tencent!

5. Prosus

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Industrial Holding Company, Prosus, had a 53.6% increase in its sales growth in 2020. Not only that, but it is reported that its NV’s net debt is closer to zero, making its bond quite strong! Prosus also has a 29% stake in Tencent, which is already doing well. 

6. T-Mobile US

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As mobile technologies are continuously witnessing updates and transformations, T-Mobile might be able to override its competitors if it launches 5G in a smart and fast way. Bloomberg also reports that there might be a 3% growth for T-Mobile US in 2022.     

7. Alphabet

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Parent of industry pioneers like Google, Alphabet is becoming stronger and more successful significantly due to the success of Google and YouTube. The ad sales of YouTube alone are expected to reach $35B in 2022! 

8. Pfizer

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Unfortunately, Covid-19 does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And with more variants being found around every other corner, even more vaccine shots are going to be needed. While this bad news for the whole word, this is a great chance for Pfizer to capitalize on. In fact, the pharmaceutical pioneer is said to see between $40B and $80B of added sales this year! 

9. Airbnb

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Following the dip in sales because of the pandemic, bookings for Airbnb are expected to increase as people are slowly going back to traveling. Not only that but with the many companies moving to remote working, people are now traveling while working. It is even expected for bookings to reach $4B in 2022. 

10. Cognizant Technology Solutions

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As more businesses are adopting advanced technologies such as cloud services, Cognizant is expected to see an increase in its sales in the coming year. Despite its 2020 sales growth being -0.8%, the move towards cloud technologies can make things better for companies like Cognizant. This rapid shift into the digital world will surely be of a great benefit for technology service providers! 

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