10 Countries With The Highest Teacher Salaries

Published October 5th, 2021 - 06:00 GMT
10 Countries With The Highest Teacher Salaries
Ultimately, teachers have to be valued for the tremendous and instrumental work that they do. (shutterstock)

These past two years have brought significant changes to the lives of many, and among those most affected were teachers. Teachers were among the first hit by the consequences that the pandemic entailed. Whether it is adjusting to a new way of teaching or having to make sure every student stays focused, teaching through the pandemic was a challenge on its own. And if anything, then the pandemic served as a way for the world to see how important the role of a teacher really is. 

Education is the base that kids use to either grow into self-disciplined and successful people or follow the wrong path. However, despite how pivotal education is to the success of nations and coming generations, not many countries are giving teachers the salaries and advantages they deserve. 

But for every negative side, there is always an opposite and brighter side!

According to The World Bank, here are 10 phenomenal countries which are paying upper secondary teachers quite well: 

1. Luxembourg ($139,335.5)

Luxembourg teacher
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The highest paying country is Luxembourg, so if you are looking for a country that will appreciate your teaching skills, then pack your bags and move there! 

2. Switzerland ($115,977.3)

Switzerland teacher
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Not only is Switzerland among the highest paying countries, but it also provides a 13 week vacation for public school teachers! Talk about having a real vacation! 

3. Germany ($103,715.3)

Germany teacher
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Even though students do not pay to attend public schools in Germany, teachers there are among the best paid worldwide!

4. The Netherlands ($90,639.3)

The Netherlands teacher
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High salaries for teachers further compliments the Netherland’s high quality of life.

5. Austria ($90,108.5)

Austria teacher
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Not only does Austria offer one of the best educational systems worldwide, but it also makes sure to appreciate its teachers! 

6. South Korea ($89,356.3)

South Korea teacher
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One of the best incentives for teaching in South Korea is the high salary it comes with. In addition to high salaries, teachers are given pension fees. 

7. United States ($73,199.6)

United States teacher
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In the US, teachers can become members of two different unions that work towards ensuring teachers are given their rights. The National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers aim to negotiate teacher salaries and ensure that they get any possible benefits. 

8. Portugal ($73,028.3)

Portugal teacher
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With the Portuguese government investing around 5.1% of its gross domestic product, it is no surprise that teachers there are on a good payroll. 

9. Ireland ($72,296.9)

Ireland teacher
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Teaching in Ireland is a rewarding experience. In addition to the good pay, the long and paid holidays make teaching that much more appealing. 

10. Canada ($70,697.5)

Canada teacher
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The high standards of living in Canada makes it a great place to study and work, and teaching is no different. From dental and life insurance to many different types of leaves, teaching in Canada can be quite the appealing job. 

In addition to these top 10 paying countries, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the highest paying countries for ESL (English as a second language) teachers. In addition to the high salary, teachers can also expect additional benefits such as accommodation allowance. 

Ultimately, teachers have to be valued for the tremendous and instrumental work that they do. A high salary is one of the many ways countries can use to appreciate and recognize the efforts of teachers. 

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