3 Great Examples of Brands Using Licensed Content

Published January 20th, 2019 - 10:22 GMT
Licensed content is a strategic way for brands to improve their content marketing (Shutterstock)
Licensed content is a strategic way for brands to improve their content marketing (Shutterstock)

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When devising a content marketing plan, every brand must ask itself whether or not they will make use of licensed content, rely on original content, or strategically use a combination of both.

There are numerous advantages to using licensed content (take a look at this article for more information on the benefits of using licensed content), but this article will take a look at some of the best examples of brands using third-party content to boost engagement, engage users, and ultimately create great content marketing campaigns.

Fidelity - My Money

The financial services giant Fidelity makes fantastic use of licensed content in its efforts to educate its readers and customers on all aspects of wealth management, from investing and retirement to career advice and information on debt and credit.

Visitors to the content hub are seeking expert advice on all things related to money, from how to prosper financially to the process of handling debts. Readers thus benefit from expert content, while Fidelity positions itself as a source of reliable information and a trustworthy financial partner.

By licensing articles from reputable publishers such as Forbes and The Cut, Fidelity ensures that its readers are being provided with high-quality content to help them in making money-related decisions.

Here are some notable examples:

SAP - The Future of Commerce

SAP, a global leader in software solutions, strategically and successfully uses licensed content in its content marketing. In fact, currently at the top of the “Most Popular Articles” on the company’s digital content hub The Future of Commerce, is a great piece licensed content from The Digitalist.

Readers of the SAP content hub are seeking the latest insights on topics related to technology, digital finance, security, and the future. In providing relevant content, licensed from established sources, SAP has positioned itself as a hub for thought-leadership in its field.  

See some great examples here:

Emirates Sky Cargo

Emirates’ content hub for its air cargo business is another stellar example of putting licensed content to work. Offering in-depth insights from industry-related publications, the content republished by Emirates Sky Cargo is extremely relevant for the target audience, and would take a team of expert writers to produce in-house.

As it is such a niche topic, the readers of content related to sky cargo are often very well-versed in the industry and its nuances. They are looking for the latest news, insights, and analysis into the industry, which gives Emirates Sky Cargo the opportunity to demonstrate its ability to curate the best content for them, and position itself as a thought-leader.

By using licensed content, Emirates Sky Cargo can offer its readers the highest quality content in a practical and streamlined manner.

Some examples of licensed content used by Emirates Sky Cargo:


This article originally appeared on the DISCO Content Marketplace Blog.

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