5 Best Arab Cities for Business Opportunities

Published June 2nd, 2022 - 09:30 GMT
Best Arab Cities for Business
Examining the list of best Arab cities for business help young people decide on their dream business destination. (Shutterstock: Black Kings)

Since travel has become possible again, many people, particularly young ones, are considering relocating to other countries and looking for better business opportunities, which is why the search for the best Arab cities for business has become more relevant than ever.

Thanks to the many new work options triggered by the pandemic, such as remote and hybrid working hours, people are more open to new experiences in new countries.

Exploring new professional experiences has become more feasible than ever in countries that are hunting for the best talents in the region, offering open visa options, welcoming business entrepreneurs, and facilitating hiring programs.

Founders and owners of small and mid-sized businesses can also find great prospects in some of the region's cities.

5 Best Arab Cities for Business

For individuals looking to relocate from their countries to the Middle East, we present the following options, ones that highlight the best Arab cities for business:

1. Dubai, UAE

There is no doubt that the region's business hub comes first in terms of doing business in the Middle East. 

Not only is Dubai a city known for successful businesses, international scope, high-tech infrastructure, and large talent pool, but it also has one of the most effective laws in terms of trading, labor, and investments.

Best Arab Cities for Business

Dubai is also quite safe for newcomers who would fear a cultural shock upon leaving their communities, as their experiences in the global village often end up being quite positive. 

2. Doha, Qatar

Another city on the best Arab cities for the business list is the capital of Qatar. Another example of modern business hubs in the region.

Best Arab Cities for Business

Not only does Qatar offer some of the best salary rates in the world, but it also attracts numerous international brands that operate businesses in the region using local and regional workforce, opening job opportunities for thousands of natives to the Middle East. Business laws in Qatar are one of the most effective ones, protecting the rights of both business owners and associates.

Doha is also quite international, making it an ideal spot for expats.

3. Jeddah, KSA

In the past few years, Saudi Arabia has several milestones on its way to becoming a leading business spot in the region, including reforming laws that transformed the country's business status into quite an advanced one.

Best Arab Cities for Business

Jeddah to the west of the country has plenty of business opportunities to be explored in a variety of sectors, as Saudi ventures into diversifying its economy. 

4. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Just like Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates continues to excel in terms of business opportunities available to people from all over the world, particularly Arabic-speaking talents much needed to help the country connect with the rest of the world.

Best Arab Cities for Business

Abu Dhabi is currently home to a large number of international businesses with an interest in the MENA region. 

5. Amman

Best Arab Cities for Business

Our fifth option is a city outside of the Gulf region. Despite the Jordanian capital's lack of financial resources when compared to oil-rich neighbors, the city has been a pioneer in terms of businesses with a special focus on high tech, especially entrepreneurial ventures. 

Jordan's renown for high-quality education has also made it one of the strongest options in terms of skilled talents needed in different sectors, making its population in addition to the country's record of high-security ideal for businesses.

Following the COVID19 pandemic, the Jordanian government has been exerting serious efforts into facilitating investments and amending tax laws in a way that would attract businesses to the country.

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