5 Career Resolutions Everyone Should Make This Year

Published December 26th, 2017 - 02:07 GMT
When it comes to career resolutions this year, there are five different areas to explore. (Pixabay)
When it comes to career resolutions this year, there are five different areas to explore. (Pixabay)

Many New Year’s resolutions may revolve around professional development, career change, new job or better performance. And, if what motivates you is the beginning of a new chapter, by all means go for it.

Regardless to how you feel about where you stand professionally, keep your eye on what you want and need to do this coming year, consider your motivation and jump into action if you think your career needs it.

When it comes to career resolutions this year, there are five different areas to explore: 

1. New career

Many people consider not only changing their jobs but changing their entire career. It could be a long-term disassociation with what they do, or a feeling that they are headed in the wrong direction. What triggers you need to change is as important as the actions you take. Make sure you’re not acting out of boredom or uncertainty.

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Changing careers can take more than just a decision or a year. So be realsitc about what it would take to get into a new field. You might need to get new credentials or even a diploma or degree, and you might have to make some compromises on an entry job. If you’re not open to these changes, you may find it hard to make the move.

2. New job

Thinking of getting a new job? Early in the year is a great time. Companies often get their hiring budgets approved by the end of the year, and by the second week of January they are ready to move on their hiring plans. So this is a goal that you should prioritise. Missing out on the hiring spree early in the year, you might have to fight the lull of the summer, and be stuck with your current job until fall at least — if you get lucky

As with career, make sure that your job search is triggered with valid reasons for change. Consider advancement opportunities with your current employers, and make sure you know what you’re looking. If you already have a job in hand, you’re in a much better position than someone who is unemployed to negotiate and search. But be sure that you’re only channelling your time and effort in a worthwhile pursuit.

3. Professional development

If you’re happy with your job and career, you still could do more to hone your skills. Look for opportunities for training. Consider where you can grow your abilities with extra learning, teaching or mentoring. Professional development is different than advancement, and it never hit a ceiling. You can always learn more and help yourself and others.

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If you don’t feel like anything motivates you in terms of classes or new certification, consider other opportunities for professional development like speaker opportunities, networking or becoming a thought leader in your area. By doing so, you will polish your brand, and grow your career.

4. Better performance

Have you had a tough year? Take action to correct and improve now. Not every year can be a banner year career-wise. Personal issues might have got in the way. An unfulfilling job could have discouraged you. Whatever the reason, use the new year as an opportunity and motivation to do better this year.

Beyond making a resolution, take practical steps into helping yourself commit to better performance. It could be setting personal objectives, like setting your own deadlines and goals, or it could be other benchmarks, like working toward a promotion or a raise. With the right plan and your will power, you should be able to bounce back and reverse a bad year’s impact on your job.

5. Starting the year off right

Define your goals for the next year
Take practical steps to achieve your goals
Be realistic about what can be accomplished
Keep improving — always

By Rania Oteify

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