11 Best-Paid, Fastest-Growing Jobs to Have This Year

Published August 7th, 2017 - 12:12 GMT
The projected growth rate for university professors is over 15 percent and salaries are among the best in the market. (Pixabay)
The projected growth rate for university professors is over 15 percent and salaries are among the best in the market. (Pixabay)

Careercast, an online job site, ranks jobs annually and are of the opinion that the labour market has seen drastic changes this year. A majority of the data used comes from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics while the methodology used uses criteria such as emotional, environmental and physical factors.

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11. Actuary

An actuary measures and manages risk for various industries and is the younger cousin to a chartered accountant (CA). While it is relatively easy (in comparison to CA), becoming an actuary isn't the easiest thing in the world. The exposure, career growth and scope of the job, however, are exponentially good. 

10. Speech Pathologist

Speech Therapy

Not one of the most glamorous jobs in the world, this one is definitely one for healing the soul through helping people. A speech pathologist assesses speech imparities, cognitive communication and helps to treat various communication disorders in children and adults. You require, to start, a master's degree in related therapeutic sciences along with a wealth of experience, to grow in this field. 

9. Occupational Therapist

Another professional in a similar line, occupational therapy is very important in an age where everyone wants, or is required, to contribute in some way to the economy or society. They help people in all age brackets to overcome physical or mental obstacles to making productive contribution at work places, schools or in daily life.

8. Software Engineer

This doesn't come as much of a surprise with the number of tech companies taking over the economy. Becoming a software engineer isn't as hard as some of the other professions on this list, but competition is high but so is projected growth if you land in the right role and firm.

7. Mathematician


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Many of the top-notch jobs on this list deal with the science of mathematics. Mathematicians are required in industries such as airlines, data science firms, national air force branches and large insurance corporations among others. The stress levels are low, while career growth is quite high.

6. University Professor

Getting to the level of a professor is easier said than done, with qualifications, tenure requirements, research papers and more coming in the way. But once you get on that level, the projected growth rate is 15.24 per cent and salaries are among the best in the market (depending on university or college).

5. Data Scientist

Another one for the math field, data scientists are growing all the more important in this age of infinite information. They analyse, summarise and report data trends and answers to various questions, depending on the industry they work in. 

4. Information Security Analysts

IT Security

The most important assets now for most companies include information and their communication networks, and thus, the importance of security analysts is on a rise. They establish control systems and protocols, monitor security access, create privacy programs and more. 

3. Operations Research Analyst

According to BLS data, operations research analysts use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help organizations investigate complex issues, identify and solve problems, and make better decisions. Most analysts in this field have a degree in quantitative sciences, research analytics or related subjects. Higher ups in the profession usually have master's degrees and/or a Ph.D.

2. Medical Services Manager

More on the management consultant side, these professionals deal in data analysis, risk advisory roles, logistics and procurement, and business development in addition to planning and budgeting. 

1. Statistician

The best job to have, in terms of median pay, stress levels, career growth and work environment, is that of a statistician. An all-important job in economics, business, banking, nation-wide research and teaching, the number of roles for this skill-set is limited but so are qualified and experienced people. To start off, they need a bachelor's degree in statistics, applied math, computer science or a related field.

By Dona Cherian


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