5 Habits Billionaires Have In Common

Published July 20th, 2021 - 09:00 GMT
5 Habits Billionaires Have In Common
Habits are the base of success. But without discipline and consistency you cannot reap its benefits.

We have all looked at billionaires and wondered how they made it. Referred to as the global 1%, billionaires around the globe makeup 0.08% of the world’s population. While one cannot deny that these billionaires worked hard and overcame all the challenges that were thrown their way, many of us tend to be curious about how these people entered the billionaires’ club, and whether there is a secret recipe behind it. 

In all honesty, I was one of these people who constantly wondered what that secret recipe was. And while I still did not find the whole recipe to becoming a billionaire, I did discover one key component that makes all the difference, and that was habits. Habits are the building blocks of success and without developing healthy and consistent habits, we are dooming ourselves to fail. Through creating habits, we are able to prioritize what really matters and put our energy and time in the right things. 

That is how I came across these 5 habits that billionaires have in common: 

1. They hang out with other successful people

You know how the saying goes, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” Billionaires know that time is money, and therefore they make sure to hang out with people who are like-minded and goal-oriented. They know the kind of people they should be investing their time and energy in, and they are not willing to spend time with those who bring them down. 

2. They read 

The rich continuously strive for knowledge, and that is why they read consistently. They would rather spend time reading an educational and informative book than be entertained. Reading gives us all a chance to live more than one life and look at things from more than one lens. And billionaires are smart enough to know that reading books is a key component for success.

3. They exercise their body too

While reading provides billionaires with the mental exercise they need, physical exercise is just as important. Moving and being active gives energy not only to our bodies but also to our brains. It is reported that around 76% of the rich spend at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. 

“I seriously doubt that I would have been as successful in my career (and happy in my personal life) if I hadn’t always placed importance on my health and fitness,” - Richard Branson

4. They get enough sleep

Many of us think that sleep is the antidote to being tired and burnout, however, have you ever wondered about the real benefits of sleeping? Not only does sleep improve our immune system and our hearts, but sleep also increases productivity and enhances memory function. Both of which are important prerequisites for success. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, prioritizes sleep and believes that is crucial in order to make the right decisions. Not only do billionaires believe in the importance of sleep, but science does too! According to researchers in Harvard Business Review, sleep is linked with effective and successful leadership. 

5. They wake up early

Just because billionaires know that getting enough sleep is important, does not mean they stay in bed till the afternoon. Billionaires also believe in the importance of getting up and starting their day early. It is said that during the early hours of the morning, people tend to be more alert and focused which gives you a head start to the day. Waking up early also gives us more time to get things done, avoid any disruptions to our schedules and even feel more relaxed. 

Habits are the base of success. But without discipline and consistency you cannot reap its benefits. That is why it is imperative to highlight that successful and rich people have a deep sense of discipline that drives them to success. 

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