5 Points to Help You Know If You Need an Applicant Tracking System for Your Business

Published December 2nd, 2018 - 10:44 GMT
Here are 5 questions from Bayt.com that will help you make that decision. (Shutterstock)
Here are 5 questions from Bayt.com that will help you make that decision. (Shutterstock)

Does your organization need to acquire an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Recruitment Management Solution for your Talent Acquisition Team?

Here are 5 questions from Bayt.com that will help you make that decision.

1) How do you track applicants?

Tracking your applicant information including skills, background as well as previous engagements with the recruitment team is very essential for taking the right and efficient decisions throughout the recruitment process. Applicant tracking is also important for centralizing the information and making it more accessible for all stake holders within the organization, such as Hiring Managers and Talent On-boarding Professionals. ATS can help all constituents share their feedback about the applicant in real time. This will lead to a more seamless recruitment experience that is faster and more reliable at the same time.

2) How do you track vacancy requisition approvals?

Requisition approvals are very important to make sure that the organization is not under staffed and that the business needs are being served with the right amount and quality of talents. It is also important for making sure that the organization is not acquiring talent beyond its needs or capabilities. Having an online requisition tool that is accessible from anywhere and at any time, such as what Talentera provides, is much more effective than paper requisition. This is because approvals can be much quicker and become even more controlled and tracked. Traditional requisition forms can stay for weeks pending signatures and may even get lost among other paper work, which means the whole signature chasing game has to be started all over again.

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Vacancy Requisition Approvals can take up to 42% of the time taken from the moment the position is in effective need until it is filled

3) How do you track the efficiency of your sourcing techniques?

Talent Acquisition is a modern business process that involves several types of costs related to sourcing talents, recruitment agencies, job board subscriptions, participating in events, online and offline advertising and others. Having a centralized solution like Talentera will provide a comprehensive ability to track and measure the effectiveness of each source. This means that you will be able to track the Return on Investment (ROI) for each source using different indicators such as the hiring success rate and a breakdown based on different demographics, locations, job roles, and levels. This can easily enable you to manage your budget in a smart way while investing in the right hiring source and getting rid of the least effective ones.

4) How do you review progress of your Talent Acquisition plan/Man Power plan?

It happens often that senior management faces an urgent business situation and requires the head of HR or recruitment to give a detailed update on the progress of the talent acquisition plan. Even the standard periodic talent acquisition reporting requires time and effort to develop and audit for accuracy. Time is often wasted because preparing such reports involves multiple individuals to manually enter data, then recruiters and managers waste more time trying to gather those updates and present them in one single report. Due to these lags such reports end up not reflecting the most current situation. Using ATS from Talentera is essential for creating timely and accurate reports and updates for upper management and making more confident decisions.

5) How do recruiters spend most of their day?

With increasing organizational demands, recruiters need to build a strong knowledge about the latest talent acquisition techniques and the new roles and positions that are being invented rapidly. However, recruiters don’t get enough time to do so because of the administrative tasks that consume most of their day, switching between different talent pools, responding to hiring managers’ and candidates’ inquiries, sending emails to schedule interviews, and making phone screening. ATS on Talentera takes care of all that and gives more time to recruiters to focus on on what matters the most, which is assessing and seeking the best quality of talents available in the market in order to empower their organizations

The answers for the previous five questions can help you determine your need for an applicant tracking system as well as the reflected ROI for such decision.

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