Apply These 7 Tips Before Accepting a Job Offer

Published November 28th, 2018 - 07:26 GMT
Apply These 7 Tips Before Accepting a Job Offer. (Shutterstock)
Apply These 7 Tips Before Accepting a Job Offer. (Shutterstock)

A manager who is great for someone might not be ideal for everybody else. That’s why you need to ask yourself what is it that you want and don’t want in a manager before taking up a job offer. Some employers flag warning signals, while others show more acceptable ones.

But either way, you should be equipped and ready to notice these signals and move forward with the best job offer for your career goals.

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If you know what to pay attention to, you will be able to notice the signs that indicate a Bad Employer. Here are some of the things recommends you to be aware of:

1. Vague job descriptions.

A manager who doesn’t really know the vacant job cannot clearly explain your responsibilities in simple words, tell you what milestones you’ll be expected to achieve, or show you how you will get promoted. Inability to specify these elements means that the manager hasn’t thought about what she or he really needs. This is the type of manager who is more likely to surprise you with job responsibilities and outcomes different from what you sign up for.

2. The energy in the office

When you walk into the office for your interview you should be wary of the energy level. What is the atmosphere like? Do the employees seem relaxed and happy? Or do they seem stressed and disconnected? Pay attention to your potential coworkers’ behavior and watch how they interact with their supervisors as it can tell so much about the work environment.

3. The employer’s behavior on the interview

The interviewer should always treat you professionally and respectfully. For example if they show up late for your interview, it is likely to show that they don’t truly value you or your time. You can quickly tell when an interviewer is being rude, impolite and unprofessional. If they’re checking emails during the interview, constantly making or receiving calls, or even stepping out of the office, then you should know that this is also the type of interaction you will have with your manager once you are hired.

4. Disorganization of the office.

If the people interviewing you seem unready or unprepared, paperwork is flying all over the place, or they are asking questions that are clearly answered in your resume, then those are also bad signs. This could mean that your interviewers haven’t taken a look at your resume prior to your arrival. If the managers and interviewers are disorganized then that probably reflects that the work environment is disorganized as well.

5. There’s more talking than listening.

It is true that in the interview, you should be learning more about the employer and the company, but this should go both ways. If the employers only talk about themselves and their interests without regard to your own goals and needs, then that is a sign that your employer is not a good listener or is not accommodating.

6. Asking very personal questions.

If a manager asks questions about your religion, marital status or irrelevant demographical enquiries, it shows that the manager isn’t trained on ethical interview practices. Such questions are often considered illegal during a job interview and only show an employer’s insensitivity to such personal matters.

7. Former employees’ feedback

Existing employees might not be comfortable to talk candidly about their managers as it could cause them problems. However, former employees don’t have that concern and you can ask them about your future manager. If you’re wondering how to contact ex-employees, just be thankful for the internet. Using Websites like can now give you the option to search for a specific company and find people who used to work there. You can easily contact them and get your answers right away without having to go through the hiring company.

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