5 Reasons Why Summer Is a Good Season for Job Seekers

Published June 26th, 2018 - 07:06 GMT
Summer is a great opportunity for those of you who would like to expand on your experience. (Pixabay)
Summer is a great opportunity for those of you who would like to expand on your experience. (Pixabay)

Don’t get distracted by the hot summer days, sitting at the pool side imagining where you will be in ten years. Although the thought that hiring managers and recruiters take their vacation days during summer (they like to spend some time under the sun too!) may sound like a reason for you to halt your job search, you shouldn’t stop. Falling off track on your job search during summer will just make it harder for you to regain the momentum and explain the gaps on your CV.

As everything comes to end, sadly, you’ll quickly find that summer days are over and you are just hanging in there, you have skipped on the job market and industry updates, missed on which firms were hiring, and are now in need of an emergency plan. Who knows, maybe the company you were always dreaming to work for was hiring this summer!

Summer is a great opportunity for those of you who would like to expand on your experience, find a new job, transition from school to the professional world, do some volunteering activities in the community, or maybe even make use of seasonal employment such as summer camps and festivals.

As a job seeker, summer days are on your side for finding a job. While the hiring process may seem to drag and stretch with the heat of the summer, you can actually take this into your own benefit. How?

  1. Time

As the recruiting process slows down and drags in some industries during the summer months; hiring managers and recruiters are likely to have less job applications and CVs to go over at any point in time, thus, giving your application a bit more time and consideration. This also means that you’ll have more time to tailor and create your job application and customize your CV and cover letter to produce a strong candidate profile that stands out from the crowd. 

  1. A smaller applicant pool

As the process slows down, and many job seekers decide to pause and take those days off, the competition decreases, and the talent pool for job posts becomes smaller. This should make it easier for you to get more attention in the market.

  1. Short-term work

Due to vacations and time offs during those months, many organizations and small companies are often working on short term projects or are looking for a short term contract candidate. This means that there will be companies who introduce seasonal opportunities to job seekers, and you should make use of that.

  1. Scheduling interviews

Some companies have a more flexible work schedule during summer time; Thursdays may be half days or unofficial days off and some employees or managers are on vacation. Therefore, it might be even easier to take some hours off to attend a job interview.

  1. There are many jobs

Even though many employees are on vacation, companies still operate and are always in need for people to get the job done or the roles filled. Don’t miss out on the job posts available during summer as there are many to apply for.

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As we have mentioned the benefits of searching for a job during the summer months, there are also some important tips to keep you going on the job search.

  • Patience
    Some industries have different working hours and the hiring process might take a longer time to complete in the summer, so be aware that you might have a longer wait to hear back through an email or a phone call. Be patient and stay focused.
  • Networking
    There are spontaneous networking opportunities as it is the social season to attend celebrations, events and get-together outings. Benefit from this opportunity and always be ready to network with others and explore unannounced opportunities.
  • The extra shine
    As you are doing your job search and you find more time to hear feedback, take advantage to tailor your CV and tweak it around the job description. Also, don’t forget your cover letter is equally important as your CV. Take the time to edit and update both documents and give your application the extra attention it needs.

If you are lucky enough, there are some cases in which the hiring process speeds up in the summer. You may be asking yourself how? I know we just mentioned that it sometimes slows down, but that isn’t the case for everyone. It may be true in some industries or locations, but not all. As vacations are scheduled, there are tasks that should be done before the employee takes the time off. Think of this scenario for the recruiter or the hiring manager. This may mean that the hiring decision needs to be made faster than usual.

As the beach, pool or patios and couches are calling, keep your focus on your career goal and keep your summer job search ongoing. Polish your CV, create a plan for your job search and try to expand your network. Let’s remove the assumption about summer harming the job search and use these great months to your benefit.

By Haneen Kawar

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