6 Professions Suitable for a 'People's Person'

Published April 15th, 2019 - 07:08 GMT
Social and communication skills are an essential part of many positions, and are just as important as technical skills to some jobs. 
Social and communication skills are an essential part of many positions, and are just as important as technical skills to some jobs. (Shutterstock)
Here are six ways you can get paid for being a social butterfly!

Whether your friends have officially dubbed you "social butterfly", or you just generally like interacting and working with people on a daily basis, you're in luck; we know exactly what job suits you! Your social skills, strong personality and excellent communication ability will not go to waste.

Social and communication skills are an essential part of many positions, and are just as important as technical skills to some jobs. 

Here are six ways you can get paid for being a social butterfly!

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers have the difficult job of communicating with the masses, all at once. This means they need to be able to understand and relate to the target audience, master the art of speaking in different tones, and, of course, be a pro at persuasion. Marketing managers also work closely with many other departments, such as PR and sales, and must have the ability to communicate with all the different team members to build solid relationships. Marketing managers need to be social. They are the link between the "behind the scenes" work that happens at a company and the outside world. They need to be able to speak to many people, to further understand the market and audience in order to build strong advertising and marketing campaigns.

2. Sales Executive

Among the most important factors for managers when hiring sales executives is communication. It is the essence of a sales position. A sales representative is the connection between a company's products and its clients. To meet with clients, explain the features and benefits of a product, and more importantly, win them over, sales executives need to be social, charismatic, and communicative. Sales executives need to have the ability to connect with the other person, draw out their main points, offer products and services in a convincing manner that paints them as the perfect solution, and maintain strong and lasting relationships with clients for future transactions. In it's simplest form, sales reps are translating conversations into profit.

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3. HR Specialist

If you have excellent communication skills, enjoy motivating others, are likable, and have patience for dealing with daily issues, then this is the perfect field for you. An HR specialist is someone who meets with people on a daily basis, either internally (employees, managers, partners), or externally (job candidates, vendors, etc.). They handle most human relations within the company, ensuring a happy, comfortable work environment for all, and acting as the liaison between managers and employees. An outgoing and friendly personality also comes in handy when screening, interviewing, recruiting, on-boarding, and training new employees, which is an essential HR function. As every aspect involves working directly with other people, this is the perfect position for any social butterfly.

4. Teacher

If you love public speaking and can communicate well to any type or size of audience, then this is a perfect job for you! On a daily basis, teachers get up in a class full of students, speak to their students about a certain topic, connect with them, and try to help them grasp the matter at hand. Teachers need to have excellent communication skills to be able to reach each and every student, regardless of age, level, or subject. Teachers also have to connect with parents to discuss each students development and progress, lay out the strengths and weaknesses, and advise parents on how they too can help their children achieve their goals. Communicating with colleagues is another part of the job that requires excellent people skills. Patience, dedication, critical thinking and organization are also extremely important to succeed in a teaching position.

5. Nurse

A nurse's job requires daily interaction with a multitude of people; from patients, to their families, to doctors and other healthcare professionals. This often difficult job requires a great deal of communication for things such as understanding symptoms, taking medical histories, explaining treatments, and even performing examinations. Many times, nurses need to comfort patients, or their families, who are feeling unsettled about certain tests or a diagnosis. They must show compassion and genuine care for their patients. Nurses also need excellent team work skills to work with all other professionals involved in each patient situation. A nurse needs to be someone who is genuinely caring, outgoing, dedicated, loves helping others, and generally nice and extremely patient. If you want to put your people skills to the ultimate test, this is definitely the job for you!.

6. PR Specialist

A PR specialist's main job is to manage the public image of an individual or an organization. Spreading the word and increasing awareness about them requires energy, communication and creativity. Often times PR specialists find themselves as the spokesperson of a brand, developing a brand identity, communicating to the public and attending events on it's behalf. An outgoing and social personality makes it easier to build relationships and connections as well as acting as the liaison between a client and the public.

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